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    Default I wish to have a personality like SRK: Bhavya Gandhi

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    We in conversation with the leader of ‘Tapu Sena’ Tapu aka Bhavya Gandhi…

    Bhavya Gandhi who plays Tapu in Neela Telefilms' Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah on SAB TV, is a household name now. After the successful completion of 5 years of the show, Bhavya is a grown up kid now and he loves to be a part of the show and holds a very good bonding with each other on the sets.

    We spoke to Bhavya to know more about him and the amazing bonding he shares with his co-stars on the sets.

    How is Bhavya 'Tapu' in his real life?
    Every person praises himself and so will I (laughs). I am good by nature and I am an open minded person. I don't like narrow minded people and neither am I that kind of a person. I am a chilled out guy who has lots of patience. I feel that I am the happiest person of this world till I am a part of this show.

    The show has completed 5 successful years. Can you recall your first day of shoot?
    I was called to meet all my co-stars for the first time and to get introduced to the sets which is in Film City. Luckily, it was my birthday and I cut my birthday cake with the entire team and since then, I am celebrating my birthday on the sets only every year.

    What do you feel the best about the character of Tapu?
    Raju Rajan, the writer of the show told me that the character of Tapu is computer minded and his mind is full of ideas. Even if one of his ideas fails, he immediately has another idea ready with him. He is always on automode. He is a very good person and doesn't speak much but if he speaks then he speaks right. He respects people and takes care of his grandpa.

    What kind of bonding do you share with Disha Wakani?
    I share a very good bond with her. Both of us like to have paan very much. She brings paan and gulkand on the sets from her home and we prepare it for each other and feed each other. We also share some with the entire unit. We also meet outside at each other's home and share a good relation. She is my reel mother but she gives me the feeling of a real mother.

    What kind of bonding do you share with 'Tapu Sena' off-set?
    I spend much more time with them as compared to that of my school friends. We all are from different schools but we spend lots of time together on the sets and we have become very good friends and have lots of fun together.

    Recently, you shot with Shah Rukh Khan. How was the experience shooting with him? How did you find SRK as a person?
    It was a mind blowing experience for me to shoot with him. He posses a very good personality. I wish to have a personality like him. The best part was that he was given the scene written in 12 pages including ours and he memorized it so well that he even knew who is going to deliver which dialogue next.

    What do you feel the best about the show?
    The best part of the show is that it doesn't have rona dhona and even if it has happened then it has happened for someone's benefit. The show gives a positive energy and delivers a message which one can apply in his/her daily life too.

    Which characters do you like the most in the show?
    I like the characters of Jetha, Daya and Dadaji the most and the actors act very naturally. Dilip sir knows English in real but in the show he has to act like as if he doesn't know English and he does is very perfectly.

    What kind of offers do you get?
    I keep on getting different kinds of offers but I don't take them up because it will affect my studies further. I don't want to do anything else till I am with Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah.



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