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    Default Taarak and Anjali's marriage is in trouble in SAB TV's Taarak Mehta...

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    Facebook has taken the world by storm and Gokuldham Cooperative Housing Society of SAB TV’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah (Neela Telefilms) is no exception. Every coin has two sides. Producer Asit Modi told us, “Social networking sites have both advantages and disadvantages. We will soon have an exciting story on how they may disrupt family life.”

    Some of the disadvantages of Facebook are that face to face interaction is declining, addiction to it leads to office goers wasting time at the workplace and also ignoring dear family members when at home and of course online flirting which may lead to extra-marital affairs.

    Next week, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah will explore how social networking forums are creating a distance among the residents of the society as well as creating unhappy families. After all, Gokuldham Cooperative Housing Society is a friendly neighbourhood with close knit families. It will be against the rule of comedy if the society changes into one in which there are strife, unrest and perpetual unhappiness. So, any problem has to be nipped in the bud when it arises.

    Next week when some of the neighbours of Gokuldham assemble at the soda shop for a hearty chat; they find that Popatlal Pandey (Shyam Pathak) and Taarak Mehta (Shailesh Lodha) are missing. The reason for them not being at this open air get together is that both of them are chatting online on Takebook (that is what Facebook’s changed name is on the show reveals our source).

    Jethalal (Dilip Joshi) however prefers to stay far away from social networking sites. That is why his relationship with his wife Daya (Disha Vakani) is so endearing. However, trouble is brewing in Taarak and Anjali’s (Neha Mehta) marriage. The reason is that Taarak’s Takebook addiction is leading him to chat online excessively both at home and in office. Not only is he ignoring his wife by not having typical husband wife chats anymore but he is chatting with his Takebook buddy who goes by the name Beautiful Sweetheart late into the night and in the wee hours of the morning too.

    Anjali is broken hearted on discovering this and confides to her neighbours. She entreats them for help.
    Watch this space for more updates on this long running comedy series.



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