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    Default The ladies of SAB TV's Taarak Mehta dance merrily in the monsoon downpour

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    Every television serial blends in the mood of the current season, which makes it all the more easier for the viewers to connect to it. The ongoing monsoon is being smoothly woven into many TV serials. SAB TV’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah (Neela Telefilms) is no exception.

    In real life adults and kids enjoy the monsoon in age appropriate ways. Grownups generally prefer to watch the rain from the indoor warmth and comfort of their homes. Kids prefer to get drenched in the rain and splash about in the mud.

    Tonight on Taarak Mehta…you will see the women folk of Gokuldham Cooperative Housing Society re-discovering their childlike spirit to venture into the pouring sky sans a raincoat or an umbrella with the sole intention to get soaking wet.

    It is Anjali Mehta’s (Neha Mehta) wild idea that all the women in her building should do a rain dance just like peacocks display their plumes in full gaiety when the heavens water Mother Earth. So, they let their hair down and thoroughly enjoy the soothing raindrops while dancing to the tune of the hit number Barso re megha megha.

    The actresses had a lovely time doing this shoot. Disha Vakani who plays Daya Gada narrated, “It was such a wonderful idea. Majaa aa gaya. We all danced, laughed and teased each other. Acting was fine but in reality we all had loads of fun. It was like revisiting our childhood.”

    After the ladies had finished shooting the rain sequence, they enjoyed piping hot masala tea. It’s pouring in Mumbai this monsoon- we hope that this series will have more scenes and storylines involving the rains in near future.



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