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    Default I feel very blessed to be a part of Taarak Mehta: Dilip Joshi

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    Laughter, they say is a remedy to all kinds of illnesses. And Dilip Joshi, who essays the role of Jethalal in the popular SAB TV show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, talks about how this comedy show has changed his life for good.

    Here is the man in a conversation with us.

    You are one of the best actors when it comes to playing comic roles. But do you think you have been typecast?

    I donít believe that I am the best but I think when it comes to acting itís all about versatility. An actor must comprehend any role that is given to him and then work towards getting better in a way that the audience appreciates whatever is done by him. After all, our hard work boils down to pleasing our viewers.

    Youíve also worked for many family dramas and serials. From shows like Agdam Bagdam Tigdam and few Bollywood films to playing Jethalal in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, how has the journey been?

    Iíve had an amazing experience altogether, be it Bollywood or family dramas. I have worked really hard towards achieving it. Well, sometimes it is fate that holds a major role and has an impact on a personís achievement but in my case itís not so. As I mentioned earlier I try giving my best whatsoever.

    The character of Jethalal belongs to a Gujarati family and therefore depicts the happenings of a Gujarati family. You too hail from a Gujarati origin. Is it because of this reason that you have an easy grasp of the character?

    Yes! That is obvious. I am a typical Gujarati and therefore I am accustomed to speaking the language and acting like a Gujarati. I think the character connects to the people based on the acknowledgements that I have received from our viewers.

    Which has been your most favorite parivaar of Gokuldham society?

    It has to be the Gada parivaar. I think we have a very unique combination of a naughty and a smart son, a full on hyper-active Daya, a very loving Babuji and last but not the least, a hard working vyapari. Itís a perfect combination of generating pagal panti and buckets of craziness.

    Tell us something about you that you have not shared so far?

    I havenít done anything remarkable except from the fact that I have acted in many interesting shows.

    Your co-star Disha (Daya) is brilliant when it comes to dancing on the tunes of Garba and also turning the audience crazy with her naivety on the show. What do you have to say about your on-screen wife?

    What can I say about her? She is an extremely jovial person and makes everything so lively. She is a true spirited person and can bring the best in a co-star when it comes to acting in a comic role.

    Have you ever felt that your character of Jethalal has been given more prominence as compared to the other roles that you have played till date?

    Yes, I have always felt that way. My character is working its way out pretty well, so I donít really have a problem with it. If itís given more prominence, it simply means that the character is well-appreciated which is a positive response.

    Almost a year ago, your show was titled as the number one show in terms of family drama in a comic style. How do you feel to be part of such a developing show?

    I feel very blessed being a part of the show and it is an honour working with so many experienced actors. The fact of playing a lead makes me feel very proud of myself. This has also been one of the characters that have given me more screen space when it comes to acting. I am quite pleased with what I have done so far.

    Tell us something about your own family? And how do your kids react to the character of Jethalal?

    I donít really want to comment on this since it is a very personal question and I donít really want to publicize this.

    As a family drama how different is Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah from other serials?

    Taarak Mehta is a completely unusual family drama. When it comes to acting too, I think there is diversity and uniqueness. There is no typical saas-bahu exhibition of emotions and expressions. Firstly it is the actors who bring about their talent and try their level best in making the character their own.

    Are you or will you be working for any other ventures in the near future apart from Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah?

    No, I am not working for any other ventures. I believe in giving my best towards one project rather than working on many and giving less output in each.



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