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    Default My only dream is to make movies and see my name on the big screen: Director Malav Rajda

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    Young and handsome director of Neela Telefilmsí Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Malav Rajda hit the headlines sometime back when his relationship with a prominent actress Priya Rajda came into light.

    A very sorted and talented individual, Malav is ambitious and has a dream to make in big in 70mm someday. Read onÖ

    How did your journey begin in the entertainment industry?

    As I always wanted to make films, my father, who is into theatre, told me that he would help me in achieving my goal but before that I ought to know the ABCD of media. On his advice, I joined a filmmaking course in the St Xavierís College. And after I successfully completed the course, my father referred me to Vipul D Shah but at time he was busy with his projects. Later, I bagged Teen Bahuraniyan on Zee TV and soon after, I got an offer to direct Taarak Mehta. I am associated with the serial for almost four and a half years now.

    Did you face any difficulty during this phase?

    Well, everyday is a journey and it hasnít ended yet. Yes, there are ups and down. There were a few screenplays in Taarak that wasnít accepted well by the audience. All said and done, it is difficult to make the audience laugh but if we understand the mindset of the people, they accept us well.

    Initially you directed a drama series; how come you moved to comedy later?

    (giggles) I wonít deny that drama is my forte but in reality, itís very easy and every director loves directing a drama series. Itís quite easy and less taxing while other genres like comedy genre is tough because to touch the heart of the audience and to make them laugh is a difficult task. Since I am basically a very humorous person, this comes to me naturally. More than that, I would like to thank my writers and screenplay writer for doing such a remarkable work. They are geniuses in the field.

    Have you ever faced starry tantrums?

    See, I must mention here that itís a very individualistic thought. According to me, the artistes have their own terms and conditions and we have our own. Sometimes, some issues crop up but we know how to manage them and they also agree at one point of time. As far as I am concerned, I am blessed to be a part of Taarak unit. They are very nice and cordial. No one is greedy for lines or screen space.

    What about Dilip Joshi and Disha Vakani?

    They are superbly down-to-earth people. While Dilip Joshi is my icon, I having learnt a lot from him, he being an ocean of knowledge, Disha I must say is amazing as a person. She is also very adjusting. I am blessed to have such a team and I never differentiate between my teammates. I hug each one of them and I am pally with my spot boys as well.

    Tell us about your romance on the sets of Taarak?

    (smiles) If I start, you will have to write a book on our romance. None of us (Priya and me) proposed to each other. It was obvious we loved each other and we decided to marry.

    What led Priya to leave Taarak Mehta?

    Nothing actually, Rita Reporter, the character, didnít have much to do and Producer Asit Modi also told me the same. I didnít want to come in between. Moreover, Priya could not give time to Taraakas she got pre-occupied with other shows .It was a mutual decision and we all thought to scrap Rita Reporterís character as it was not possible to connect the character of Rita Reporter with the audience.

    How many cameras do you use for the shoot of Taarak?

    (pauses) Well, we usually have two cameras, at times there is a multi camera set up for events and even 12 cameras. At times, we shoot online as well. My producer is a very cordial person; he doesnít interfere in my work.

    Tell us something about your personal life like your hobbies and attributes?

    (smiles) I am of a very jovial nature and hate working for 14 to 15 hours. I wish there is a strict rule of working only 8 hours a day so that I can give time to my wife and family. I love adventure sports and also love traveling a lot.

    What are your future plans?

    I would love to direct a film as I want my name to be seen on the big screen. I am working on a few scripts. As long as Taarak stays, I am there with television. Later, films will be on top of my agenda.



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