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    Default Ishaan Singh Manhas' 'perfect' drunken act in Channel V's Swim Team!!

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    Ishaan Singh Manhas who portrays the role of the arrogant and rude Jugnu Singh in Channel V’s Swim Team (Endemol India) recently enjoyed a ‘glorious moment’ on the set of his show, which every actor will be proud of!!

    Yes, the moment came when he was asked to shoot for a drunken sequence at a party.

    As per a reliable source from the set, “Ishaan was required to be high on drink in the party sequence, and dance to cheap and weird Bollywood steps and also utter few strong words, as a result of the booze effect.”

    Well, the best part was that when Ishaan started shooting for his drunken act, his co-actors and many on the set really thought that Ishaan had gulped in a drink for real to get the scene perfect. And it was only during pack-up that his co-actors got to know that he was not drunk. What followed was a funny banter on the set, and Ishaan enjoyed all the limelight, as he was ultimately praised for his acting prowess.

    When contacted, Ishaan told us, “Well, I have shot for many tough sequences on TV, but have never shot for a scene where I had to be drunk. This scene required me to behave really crazy, and I am thankful to God that I got the scene perfect. Yes, it is true that many on the set did feel that I was truly drunk (smiles). I got appreciated by the Director, and everyone felt that the scene came out well. I am really looking forward to watching this scene of mine.”

    Aww, way to go, Ishaan!!

    Get to watch Ishaan’s weird act tomorrow (14 May) on Swim Team!!



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