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    Default Swara to expose Dadi on Swaragini!

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    Colors' show Swaragini is all set to bring an intense drama in the upcoming episode...

    Rashmi Sharma's show, Swaragini is attracting a lot of eye balls by introducing new twists and turns in its story line. The story is currently revolving around the marriage affair of Shekhar (Sachin Tyagi) and Sharmishtha (Parineeta Borthakur) where both the families have agreed for their alliance.

    As shown on the ongoing episodes, Lakshya (Namish Taneja) has confessed Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) that he does not love her and cannot marry her; well on the other side Swara (Helly shah) overhears Dadi (Alka Kaushal) making a false statement to Ragini.

    In the upcoming episodes, Swara will come to know the real face of Dadi after which she will expose her.

    To know how read below:-

    Our source informs us, "Swara will stop Sharmishta to eat the kheer as a lizard falls into it. But Dadi plays a prank and replaces the new kheer with the old one and in front of all she drinks the kheer to prove herself innocent. Later, she will warn Swara to be away from her motive, it will be then that she will take Lakshya's help for exposing Dadi's real face in front of both the families."

    Further our source adds, "Swara will make a fake Kundali and replace the original one with it so that the kundalis doesn't match, as Dadi had made a plan to keep Sharmishtha and Shekhar away. To keep Dadi's plan in process, Swara purposely changes the kundli so that she can allow Dadi to play with her tactics and then she can expose her plan."

    How will Swara expose Dadi now?

    To know more keep reading this space!



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