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    Default STAR Plus’ favourite jodi Anant-Navya visit fans in Lucknow

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    Fans in Lucknow were in a for a special treat when their favourite jodi, Anant and Navya from Navya came to their neighbourhood with Sajjan Singh and his daughter Komal from Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya. Our STAR Parivaar members were there to invite their extended family, for the STAR Parivaar Awards 2012.

    In its 10th year now, this year, the STAR Parivaar Awards get a personal touch with our popular stars personally inviting their fans to be a part of the grand ceremony. As ‘Aapka STAR Aapke Shehar’ travelled to Lucknow, fans geared up for a fun-filled evening.

    A very excited Anant says, “My experience at Lucknow was unlike anything I’ve done before. I’ve never interacted with such a large crowd like this at a personal level. The love, our fans showered upon us was really overwhelming. We shopped in the Lucknowi chikan cloth market and that was fun too. Right from the way, the people of Lucknow treated us to the whole feel of the city, Lucknow was a memorable city.”

    Navya adds, “I enjoyed each and every bit of Lucknow and I’m really speechless by the love and attention we received from our fans. I am so honoured to be a part of STAR Parivaar since I didn’t know that me, Navya, is loved so much. The rally in the society particularly was an unbelievable experience since everyone left their work just to meet us. You know we as STAR Parivaar have always tried to put forth a Nayi Soch, but the women at the Lucknovi chickan cloth market have left me inspired!”

    Ask Sajjan Singh what he liked best about Lucknow and he says, “Sab Kuch! Bahut mazza aaya! The city of nawabs has left me amazed and I really enjoyed all the hospitality while sampling tasty local delicacies. We met this really old lady who said she loved Sajjan Singh and everything about Mann Kee Awaaz Prtigya which made me very happy. It was a fun event!”

    Where is ‘Aapka STAR Aapke Shehar’ travelling next? Will they be coming to your city too? Stay tuned to know more….



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