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    Default Shaleen Bhanot in a villainous avatar on STAR Diwali

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    Shaleen Bhanot plays Ravana for STAR Diwali

    Shaleen Bhanot will be seen in an evil avatar in STAR Diwali - Har Chehre Par Muskaan. This was indeed a challenge for the actor to play Ravana as he is after all an ardent devotee of Lord Rama. He explained, "Lord Ram is after all my Kul Devta. I asked him to give me his blessing to play Ravana for the Diwali act. I also apologized in advance that I will be in my character, if I say or do things it is only for the act, so don't take it personally."

    So will we see him enacting a Ravana with ten heads? The actor jokes, "I played Ravana with just one head. After all I am short of brains."

    Shaleen had to wear a crown weighing almost 16kgs and about 7kgs of jewellery. "It was tough to dance in a heavy costume and crown."

    The actor was happy to meet the other actors of the STAR Parivar. He said, "I have been with the STAR Parivar for about six years. It is like my own family. It is always great to come back to your family."

    STAR Diwali will be telecast in the first week of November on Star Plus. Visit this space for more updates on STAR Diwali.



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