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    Default Roothna-Manana on the sets of STAR Parivaar Ka Tyohaar

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    STAR Parivaar members are having fun on the sets and their off-screen chemistry helps them gel on-screen. The romantic couple Viren and Jeevika, are good friends in real life and this comes across strongly. Read on to find out what they feel about this.

    STAR Parivaar is spreading joy and happiness with its love and camaraderie. The parivaar members love the fact that they are celebrating togetherness and can share it with all their well-wishers. They are enjoying their moments with each other and their bond is getting stronger. It is often cited that how being good friends off-screen works wonders for the on-screen chemistry. This cannot be truer in the case of Viren and Jeevika. “Jeevika and I are really good friends and because of this friendship, a comfort level has developed between us. This makes it easier for us to work together. We have many romantic moments together but the awkwardness has eased out since we are such great buddies. We find excuses to be with each other on-screen and our love is a genuine one that comes across whenever we are together,” says a cheerful Viren.

    The vibes between the couple was noticed by other parivaar members too. Both of them indulged in typical lovers' tiff and this made Menaka and Komal tease them for their honeymooning love phase. “Being such good friends, has made our on-screen rapport very strong," adds Jeevika. "I feel very happy in Virenji’s company and we get along really well together.”

    All this, and much more is happening in our STAR Parivaar festivities. They are enjoying every moment of the celebrations and want more of each other. To share our parivaar members’ happiness and join in the fun, watch STAR Parivaar Ka Tyohaar, starting this Sunday 15th April at 8 PM.



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