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    Default Nari ki shakti ko samarpit STAR Parivaar Awards 2012

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    At the highly-anticipated STAR Parivaar awards, fans can gear up for a breath-taking and grand performance by Akshara, Pratigya and Sandhya. In a beautifully choreographed mythological act, the trio will surely leave everyone awe-inspired as the three goddesses Lakshmi, Durga and Saraswati respectively.

    Ask Akshara on her upcoming performance and she says, “This year, the STAR Parivaar Awards have even more meaning for me with the latest addition in our family. I am so excited for my mytho act where I am donning the avatar of Lakshmi. Though I am really nervous, I’m sure I will be able to translate my role as a grihlakshmi of the Singhania family well on stage too.”

    While Akshara is Lakshmi, Pratigya will emerge as Durga in the act. “The mythological act, I can tell you is going to be very different. Playing a goddess is no mean feat and I am super nervous. As Pratigya, I am quite identical to the devi Durga who fights for what is right and I am hoping I can pull it off. What has me most excited though is the fact that I am performing in front of my entire Parivaar.”

    Durga and Lakshmi will be joined by Sandhya who is performing as Saraswati, “It is my first STAR Parivaar Awards. I am both excited and nervous. Sandhya like Saraswati is the symbol of education and I really want people to be inspired by her. More families should encourage not just their daughters but also their daughter-in-laws to have a successful career. Right from the costume to the choreography and advanced 3D mapping technology in the act, it's going to be fun. I can’t wait to get on stage!”

    Kya kamaal dikhayengi yeh teen deviyan? Watch the nari shakti in action at the STAR Parivaar Awards 2012 on 24th Mar at 8PM.



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