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    There’s more to the STAR Parivaar Awards this time, than the usual dance performances, acts and acceptance speeches. Something that you haven’t seen in recent times and that will leave you speechless.

    Gear up to see Krishna in a different avatar this time. Watch him set the stage on fire with his brilliant fire act performance for the STAR Parivaar Awards 2012. Yes, you heard it right. Krishna is all set to rock the Parivaar awards with his daring fire act. We will see him play with fire and entertain you with his heroic act. This is one of the few instances that someone from the television industry has dared to do such an act.

    An excited Krishna says, “It was not at all an easy task to perform. It was thrilling as I was doing such a thing for the first time in my life. It was an awesome feeling and will remain close to my heart throughout my life. I am sure the audiences are going to love it. ”

    Adding more he says, “There was fire all around the stage and we had to take extra precautions to perform the act so that nothing goes wrong. We performed the act with four different types of props. It was very difficult to handle them as it had fire, one single mistake and it could be fatal. Also, keeping the song, music, beat everything in sync while balancing the props which had fire was all the more difficult. Matching steps with the co-dancers who also had fire in their hands made the task even more challenging."

    “We are not professionally trained in doing stunts, but I took this as a challenge and dedicatedly finished it. Now that I have experienced such a thing personally, my suggestion to those who wish to perform thiskind of act is take all precautions because playing with fire is not an easy job”.

    Watch Krishna’s daring act in the STAR Parivaar Awards 2012, only on STAR Plus, 24th March,8 pm.



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