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    Default When Aamir Khan grew emotional and shed tears during Satyamev Jayate media interaction

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    Last season of Satyamev Jayate often saw Aamir Khan getting emotional and shedding a tear or two while interacting and listening to the heart wrenching stories of victims. Something similar happened yesterday while Aamir was in the middle of a group interview.

    While narrating a story of a mother whose son was brutally killed, Aamir's eyes grew moist and his voice choked with emotions.

    Here is what happened. Aamir was explaining how last season taught him the power of forgiveness.

    "I have learnt the power of forgiveness through Satyamev Jayate because last season I met many less fortunate people on the show who suffered a lot in their lives and yet had the supreme courage to move on without holding any grudges. One change in me which I noticed is that I have started forgiving people since then. And this entire change happened because of a mother who came on the show last season and spoke about the tragedy that unfolded in her life when her young son was killed. But this mother unbelievably didn't harbour any anger or resentment against the person who had killed her son."

    As soon as Aamir remembered this episode, tears swelled up in his eyes and he found it difficult to speak. Choked with emotions but not afraid to show it, Aamir used the sleeves of his T-shirt to wipe them away. When offered some tissues, the actor politely declined to accept it and continued using his sleeves to wipe of his tears.

    And for all those who thought the actor was shedding crocodile tears on the show last season, Aamir's spontaneous emotional moment yesterday reassures the fact that the actor too, just like other human beings, gets emotional and can truly feel the pain of the common man.

    Satyamev Jayate goes on air from 2 March, 2014 at 11am.



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