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    Hardy suffers a Hart Attack
    Dynasty inflict pain on champ on SmackDown

    World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy suffered a pre-Summerslam beating at the hands of Hart Dynasty on the latest edition of SmackDown.

    Hardy fought bravely in the 2-on-1 situation, however the champ finally succumbed to the Dynasty's Hart Attack to prompt a post-match melee.

    CM Punk entered the ring and attempted to inflict more pain on Hardy, however John Morrison, and then Matt Hardy, came to the Legend Thriller's aid.

    SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long then made the announcement to Mr McMahon that CM Punk & The Hart Dynasty will face John Morrison and Matt & Jeff Hardy on next week's show.

    Unified Tag Team Champion Big Show was also in action on Friday night as he defeated JTG in their single's match-up.

    After beating Chris Jericho the previous week, JTG was targeting a Tag Team double, however an excruciating Colossal Clutch proved his undoing.

    Dolph Ziggler was also victorious, Finlay perishing after Mike Knox struck the Irishman with the Shillelagh. Knox continued his heinous attack after the bell before planting a backbreaker onto the unforgiving steel steps.

    The other match of the night saw Melina secure a pinfall on Layla in a victory that sends a strong message to Women's Champion Michelle McCool ahead of Summerslam.

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