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    Default World Top 10 Best Soccer Players In The World

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    1. Lionel Messi
    Lionel is from Argentina and plays for FC Barcelona and plays forward. This 22 years old guy is ruling the Soccer field with his success and awards for most of the goals in a year.

    2. Christiano Ronaldo
    Ronaldo is from Portugal and plays for Real Madrid plus he plays as a Midfielder. When he was 18 he played for Manchester United and played for them for 6 years. He was the FIFA Footballer of the Year 2008. In one year he scored 42 goals. No doubt he is an awesome dribbler, cool shooter and kick ass header!

    3. Wayne Rooney
    Wayne Rooney is an English man and plays for Manchester United as a forward. He has the highest goals not only in his club but also anywhere he plays and rocks it.

    4. Kaka
    He is so CUTE!! and from Brazil plus he plays for Real Madrid and is a Midfielder. This man is known for his principles and a true believer of Jesus. He is a great dribbler and a great Mastermind.

    5. Xavi Hernandez
    This Spanish guy plays for the Barcelona club and is a Midfielder. He is an excellent organizer plus and awesome dribbler. No doubt a great player he really is.

    6. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    He is from Sweden and plays for the Barcelona club. Zlatan plays forward and has the ability to put a life in the game.

    7. Steven Gerrad
    This English man plays for Liverpool and is a Midfielder. He is an unstoppable award winner like he is the player of the month, player of the year, team of the year and many more. He is even the captain of Liverpool team

    8. Samuel Eto’o
    He is from the Inter Club and plays forward. He was a part of Cameroon team at the age of 14 and was signed in by Real Madrid at the age of 16 and then was rejected 4 years later. He scored 108 goals for Barcelona in 5 seasons.

    9. Didier Drogba
    He plays forward and plays from the Club called Chelsea. He is from Ivory Coast and joined at the age of 26 and rocked the world with his awesome-ness! Chelsea pays $37 million for him.

    10. Andres Iniesta
    This Midfielder is from Spain and plays for Barcelona Club. He is an amazing dribbler and often called as “the Illusionist”. His attacking and defending are superb.



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