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    Default The Official 2008 NBA Playoffs Thread

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    Hey everyone, as you might know, the NBA Playoffs are underway this weekend. This thread is to discuss anything and everything about the 2008 NBA Playoffs and Finals. Just made it for all the basketball fans on BwT, and also because i noticed no one had made one. I'll try to keep everyone as informed as i can, more specifically, the series standings. If you would like to update, please do, if someone already hasn't done so.

    Well lets get started.
    Any predictions? Brackets? or which team do you want to see win this year? or who should play whom in the finals? Like i said, anything and everything.

    Me? well i want either the Dallas Mavericks (Hometown, gotta represent.) or the Phoenix Suns to win this year. quite frankly, i dont mind either team going to the NBA Finals.

    @the Finals, i would like to see the Boston Celtics or Cleveland Cavaliers against one of my two favs, Suns or Mavs.



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