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    Default Neetu Chandra denies match-fixing allegations

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    Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra has denied having any links with Pakistani bowler Mohammad Asif, embroiled in the latest match-fixing controversy that has hit the cricket world.

    "Personally, Neetu does not know Mohammad Asif or any Pakistani cricketer for that matter. Her name is being unceremoniously dragged into the match-fixing debate with baseless allegations," Neetu’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar said in a press statement.

    "Neetu didn’t even know how Asif looked like. Within minutes of this controversy breaking out, I met her and showed her his picture from the internet on my BlackBerry," her publicist Bhagwagar said.

    "Neetu glanced at it and almost jumped from her chair, joking, ’Oh, he’s too dark’. She also doesn’t know or understand how her cell number has featured on such a scandalous list. If it indeed has, it could well be a conspiracy."

    The actress has featured in films like "Traffic Signal" and "Garam Masala".

    Her alleged involvement in match-fixing came out when Interpol and Scotland Yard handed over the mobile details of Asif to the Pakistan Cricket Board for investigation.

    The document was prepared by Scotland Yard and Interpol on the basis of Pakistani actress Veena Malik’s information and it contains the call details of Asif made in 2009. But it has been leaked.

    Reports stated that in the document, the only mobile phone number from Mumbai belonged to actress Neetu Chandra and that she could be involved in the match-fixing scandal.
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    she dont know how asif look like but how her number is in asif phone list i think its magic

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    Somebody should ask her what she know about cricket. And if she does have any knowledge then tell us on which basis you are denying this fact.



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