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    Default IPL 2011 Schedule Draw

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    The IPL 2011 draw and schedule was made on the second day of the IPL auctions. According to the new format of the IPL 2011, there are ten teams which will still end up playing 14 games 7 away and 7 at home.
    Given that there are nine teams apart from each team itself, if one were to use the previous format then the draw for the IPL would have seen them play nine home and away games. However, that would have increased the number of games to more than 90.

    In order to keep the number of games restricted to 74, each team will play five other teams on a home and away basis and the remaining four teams on either home or away basis (two home and two away).
    According to the new draw made for IPL 2011, the ten teams will be divided into two groups of five each. Each team in one group will play each others in the same group twice on home and away. That team will also play one team from the other group twice, on a home and away basis. Then, that team will play the four other teams in the other group once two of them at home and two away from home.
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