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    Arrow Indian Premier League

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    League Rules:

    Each team should have 11 players. The players can be chosen in any combination from any of the teams.

    Of the 11 players, there should be a minimum of 4 batsmen and 4 bowlers. The other 3 players can be of your choice. We will post a list of batsmen and bowlers that count towards the 4+4. Please make sure that your team confirms as it is a lot of work to check and I would hate to disqualify any team

    As far as the semi finals and finals go. The top 5 teams that finished the league play qualify to play for the championship. The teams can replace players from the eliminated team with players from the teams that qualified. The replacement will be one for one. That means, a batsmen with a batsmen, a bowler with a bowler or from the other category.

    Now for the scoring:

    1) Each run will get 1 point. If the batsman scores a 50 then 5 bonus points. 100 will get 15 bonus points and 150 will get 25 bonus points.

    2) Each wicket will get 25 points. If the bowler gets 5 wickets or more they will get a bonus of 25 points.

    3) Each catch will get 5 points.

    4) Each stumping will get 5 points.

    4) No points for run outs or negative points.

    5) Each boundary struck will get 2 bonus points and each sixer will get 5 bonus points.

    6) Substitutions will be allowed after 10 game chunks. i.e., after the 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th games. Substitutions have to be one to one; i.e., batsman for batsman, bowler for bowler and other for other.

    That's it! Entries close 2 hours before the first game. So, get those entries in
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    Thanks for posting this mate.

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    thanx a lot dude your great



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