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    Default Home Ministry to decide IPL's fate today

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    Home Ministry to decide IPL's fate today

    The Home Ministry is determined not take any chances regarding the security in the country. Home Secretary Madhukar Gupta is expected to hold a meeting today on the postponement or review of dates of the Indian Premier League.

    According to the sources, security concerns and elections will take priority over the IPL dates and IPL's offer to reschedule dates within election calendar is not a solution.

    They add that 75,000 paramiliary forces are needed for elections and that it is impossible to withdraw security from border.

    Sources say that the Home Secretary is already in contact with BCCI and that the IPL did not consult the government on scheduling dates for the tournament.

    India's Home Minister P Chidambaram on Tuesday said that IPL should be postponed until the General Elections are over.

    The minster thinks that sharing security between polls and IPL is a matter of concern and has asked the Union Home Secretary to discuss new possible dates with the IPL organisers.

    On Tuesday, IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi said the reworked schedule would be announced on Wednesday.

    "Post the Election Commission announcing the polling dates yesterday, the Indian Premier League is working on the schedule to ensure that there is no clash of IPL matches with the election dates," he said in a press release.

    Modi also told NDTV said he would comply with the government guidelines and work on the new schedule.

    The Twenty20 cricket extravaganza is due to start from April 10, while the LS elections are from April 16.

    He further added that there would be no match 24 to 48 hours prior to the polling dates across all the nine match venues in the country.

    Earlier in wake of gun-attacks on Sri Lanka team in Lahore, India's Home Minister expressed concern on the security stretch during the LS polls and the Twenty20 league event.

    "Security should not be spread thin between elections and IPL. Cricket is safe in India. I'm not concerned over my inability to provide security. I can but it should not be stretched. I don't want my forces to be stretched," Chidambaram said.

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    Postponement of IPL would lead to financial losses,upset schedules.However elections in a democracy like ours are more important and cricket takes a second place.IPL securrity assumes more importance in the wake of recent attack on SL team and India would be on red alaert against the thret of terror attacks during elections.How can Govt spare security forces for IPL when all will be busy with elections?
    Hope they sort out the difficulties and find a compromise.

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    yea..thax can't wait until matches start

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    yaa mee to hell with these elections



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