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    Default From Gayle to Sachin, the elite 175-run club

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    There's something about an innings of 175.

    There's an almost incandescent quality about it. There's an almost epic feel to it. 'Milestone numbers' have an ethereal feel. Of these, however, 100, 150 and 200 are boring.

    A batsman getting out on one of these scores almost suggests he got distracted by his achievement and gave his wicket away. 125 is too small. Anything over 200 is generally too much to hope for.

    175 is perfect.

    In limited over cricket, crossing this threshold means greatness which only a few have achieved.

    Of course, 175 is on everyone's tongue today because of Chris Gayle's incredible innings. As much as we might say that T20 cricket is batsman-oriented, it takes a certain amount of talent to pillage 17 sixes. Ending up on 175 had a nice, round feel to it.

    There have been three other innings of 175. Each of these three can be rated much higher than many innings numerically greater. These are, in chronological order:

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    I salute to Gayle....Man who creates the new history and victory in IPL



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