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    Default England's World Cup base in South Africa to be a no-go area

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    England boss Fabio Capello will make the team's World Cup base in South Africa a no-go area for players' agents in order to stop footballers from commercial distractions.

    John Terry and a business associate being paid to show people around the Chelsea training ground brought into sharp focus the behaviour of England players.

    Capello has not communicated his disapproval to Terry but he plans to make it clear to every potential member of his final squad that nothing should distract them from the business of trying to achieve success in South Africa, News of the World reports.

    The Italian will make sure that they are not sidetracked when they land in South Africa at the beginning of June.

    Apart from family on designated days - of which there will probably be only a maximum of five - there will be no visitors allowed. That means commercial partners; sponsors, players' friends, agents and advisers will not have any access to the squad.

    Capello has already made it clear to the Football Association that he wants no distractions from now until the end of England's 2010 campaign. That is why he even took the draconian step of forbidding the recording of an official England World Cup song.

    Capello does not meet up with his players until the end of February - ahead of the March 3 friendly against Egypt.

    A source close to Capello said: "It's not a concern for him. As far as he's concerned, everyone should be fully engaged with the business of trying to win the World Cup."


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