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    Default Bolt blasts away opponents and doubters

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    Usain Bolt's demolition of his 200m rivals on Saturday night meant he will leave Daegu with the world gasping at a gold medal won rather than a red card received.

    Had any other man in the field triumphed in such dominant fashion we would now be eulogising and jaw-dropping until flabbers could be gasted no longer.

    With Bolt, as with everything he does, it's slightly different.

    For the first time in four years at a major championship he tore through the finish line without a searing "WR!" flashing up on the huge electronic clock on the in-field to his left.

    It has become a ritual while watching Bolt, a beautifully familiar part of the act which has captivated us all since that humid night in Beijing three summers ago - watch him ping away from his rivals like a man on a bungee, glance at the scoreboard, roar with astonishment and disbelief.

    No-one should ever feel a tinge of disappointment having watched a man run the 200m in 19.40 seconds.

    But it is Bolt's misfortune, as well as his greatest triumph, that he has turned the extraordinary into a routine occurrence, made the performance of a lifetime an annual event.

    As Steve Cram remarked to me afterwards, "There isn't much unbelievable left to do".

    Like spoilt children expecting ever more expensive gifts for Christmas, we should be grateful for what we have been given. By any standard outside Bolt's own impossible gauge, this was a display of sprinting to savour and celebrate.



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