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    Default Anand: It was a tense match

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    After successfully defending his world title in Moscow against Boris Gelfand, Viswanathan Anand spoke about how he fought and won the toughest battle of his life.

    “I have never felt under so much pressure,” said Anand as he relaxed with his team of seconds in a back room of Moscow's Tretyakov Gallery soon after winning the crucial tie-breakers against Boris Gelfand.

    “When I woke up this morning (Wednesday) I knew that one way or the other our fate would be decided today and I just hoped for the best. I am just relieved and just happy to still be world champion. This match has been so tense. It has only been three weeks but I feel as if I have spent months here. I am really looking forward to getting back to the family [in Chennai].”

    Anand felt that the first six games of the match, all drawn, already confirmed his expectation that he was in for a tough fight.

    “I wasn't getting anything much with the white pieces and neither was he. Boris was giving the impression of someone who had really done an enormous amount of work just for the match.

    “We had prepared something against the Grunfeld and the Sveshnikov [opening] but it couldn't compete with his depth of analysis.”

    Big setback

    Then came a major setback. In game seven, Anand repeated an opening system which had worked for him three times earlier in the match but this time was comprehensively beaten.

    “Even when an opening is working so well you always have to stop and decide do you do it one more time or do you move on. Somehow in Game 7 he hit on an area where we had been a bit careless. It's very subtle because the position looks equal but it's unpleasant and soon it was an embarrassment how ugly it looked.

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