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    Default Revealed: The plot of Rajan Shahi's next on Sony TV

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    With so many TV shows being launched every month on TV screen itís time for some stiff competition. Apart from getting in the most popular faces, production houses are also churning out different concepts to gain the attention of the viewers.

    We recently got a sneak peek of the content of Directorsí Kut upcoming show Itti Si Khushi on Sony Entertainment Television. Helmed by the talented Rajan Shahi, the show has already caught our attention by its storyline.

    The show will depict the tale of a young girl who will meet with a tragic accident at the tender age of 14. Although the doctors will manage to save her, she will go into coma. Only after 12 long years will the girl awake and what would follow will be an interesting and eventful life ahead for her.

    The girl although will be 26, her life would start from the same time and she would have a heart and behaviour of a teenager. With her being expected to be mature and responsible, the girl would be seen struggling to come over her loss time. But her happy go lucky nature would make everyone glad around her. It would be only ne shw who will face a major shock.

    Yes, for the girl before her accident will have a huge crush on her neighbour who too would reciprocate her feelings. But with her going in a deep slumber, life would change for the guy.

    He will be seen getting engaged to the girlís younger sister. How love will overcome all hurdles will be for the viewers to see.

    And playing the leads in this interesting story are Smriti Kalra and Anuj Sachdeva, as already reported in the media.

    When we messaged producer Rajan Shahi, he denied the same texting back, ďNo its not that (sic).Ē

    The show is to go on air sometime next month.



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