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    Default The channel will decide if KBC needs a break: Amitabh Bachchan

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    When industry’s biggest legend, Amitabh Bachchan made his television debut last year with fiction series, Yudh, fans went delirious and expectations soared sky-high. After all, Amitabh had finally bitten the television bait after making his TV debut decades ago with KBC. Unfortunately, despite massive promotion and marketing, Yudh failed to entice viewers registering low TRPs. This despite having a powerhouse of actors like Kay Kay Menon, Zakir Hussain and many others. The serial came to an end soon and it won’t be too wrong to say that it sank without a trace.

    However, the failure has not deterred Amitabh from calling it quits on the television front. When we asked him if he would be keen on doing yet another fiction series on TV, Amitabh said, “I am open to doing fiction again on TV if there is something interesting. We did Yudh and it didn’t work. When Anurag and a lot of us sat down, we felt that we needed to do something to break away from the current style of serials that we were seeing. I think that will prevail in the time to come. We made an attempt. May be weren’t successful in it but I think we will try again and see how it goes this time. “

    Amitabh’s other television venture this year, KBC (Season 8) too met with a lukewarm response. When asked if the reality show should be given a break, the actor said, “That is something that the channel will have to decide and take a call. When we first came out with KBC, the TRPs were unbelievably high. Every show or program will have its tenure and ups and downs and this is something that the channel will decide (on whether to continue.) Sometimes the decision is not taken just on the basis of TRPs. There may be some other reasons also.”

    Well, let’s hope Big B’s next television venture creates a big bang like his films.

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    Default The channel will decide if KBC needs a break Amitabh Bac

    No, the A65 does not appear to have a studio mode. Will have to see when final firmware versions are released.




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