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    Default OMG: Nikhil Arya under observation in hospital...find out why

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    Seasoned actor Nikhil Arya, who recently got back to the Balaji Telefilms’ family with his negative role in Sony PAL’s upcoming show, Jaa Jee Le Apni Zindagi, is hospitalized and is undergoing treatment in a hospital in Pune.

    The actor who is predominantly a sports person was at his usual sporty best playing badminton and working out in the gym when he experienced a tingling sensation on his left foot. The sensation soon started moving up, and he developed excruciating pain in his ankle, shin and knee. He immediately met his orthopedician who advised radiology and further tests. And the observations have detected a blood clot behind the left knee, which if left untreated can move up the body and can turn dangerous if it touched the heart.

    Ironically, the man plays a doctor in the upcoming PAL show.

    Says Nikhil, “It is true that I am under observation, admitted in the hospital. Actually, I have had quite a lot of fractures and injuries in my foot being a sports person. But this pain was something new, and I took immediate doctor’s care. There is a clot in my left knee which has to be treated. I am presently on medications, and the doctors feel they can dissolve the clot by medication. Otherwise all other parameters and results have been normal. I think I will be in the hospital till Monday, and if my clot gets dissolved, I will be discharged immediately. As of now, I am kept under observation, strict diet and rest.”

    Nikhil who plays a strikingly rich doctor Vatan Singh in the PAL show is happy that he is back to the Balaji family after his negative stint in Tere Liye.

    “I have shot quite a lot for the show, and I think they do not face any crisis situation now that I am not shooting. They have been very co-operative in giving me a leave of absence. I hope to get well soon and resume shoot from the coming week,” he adds.

    Nikhil, we wish you a speedy recovery..



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