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    Default It is the war for 'Self Respect' in Singhasan Battisi!

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    Viewers in the upcoming episodes will see the war of Self Respect in Sony Pal's Singhasan Battisi.

    Sony Pal's Singhasan Battisi (Creative Eye Productions) is a kind of a show wherein Maha Maya (Sayantani Ghosh) narrates the stories of the Singhasan Battisi to Raja Bhoj (Siddharth Arora). Earlier, out of the thirty two stories, we had brought in the detail track on the tenth story - 'Friendship'. The next story that the viewers will get to see in the following episodes is on 'Self Respect'.

    Our source informs us, "All of the devs in the heaven come together and come to a conclusion of who on earth is the Raja who is Narendra (the one who has all the strength and nature). All of the devs come to a conclusion on Vikram Aditya (Karan Suchak) being Raja Narendra on earth among all the Kings. All these devs come down and informs Vikram that he has to send a horse who will have to revolve around the earth and as well as the heaven. Once his horse is back without any interruptions by any one, he will be titled as Raja Narendra. Vikram's sixth sense makes him realize that someone has stopped his horse but is unaware of the person. Narad Dev comes up to him and asks him why is he interrupting his horse. Just then comes Raja Vishwamitra saying that he is not the one who should be titled with Narendra. Vishwamitra is all set to challenge Vikram and his self respect."

    Our source further adds, "Vishwamitra will don a King's avatar and step into his palace. He will start pressurizing Vikram and others in the palace which will lead to a fight between Vikram and the king. Just when the fight is on the verge of completion, Vishwamitra gets back to his original avatar and asks Vikram to fight with him. Vikram refuses to fight against him in spite of him getting hurt by Vishwamitra. On occurrence of certain circumstances, Vikram and his wife have to leave the palace. They find a shelter for themselves in a forest. Vikram to freshen up, goes near a pond where Vishwamitra steals his clothes. Vikram understands that all of this is done by Vishwamitra. Comes there his wife and saves him by giving him her dupatta. While all of this is happening, Narkasur beats all the devs in the heaven and he now enters the earth to kill Vishwamitra as well. Learning about this, Vishwamitra avers that he can fight and defeat everyone, even Narkasur. During the fight, Narkasur starts defeating Vishwamitra which scared him a lot. He asks for his apology and gives him the permission to fight against Narkasur. Eventually, Vikram as well as his Self Respect wins over all odds."

    It is surely going to be an interesting watch for the viewers!



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