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    Default Vikramaditya to wed Chitralekha amidst major drama in Sony PAL's Singhasan Battisi

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    Dheeraj Kumar’s unique presentation, Singhasan Battisi for Sony PAL will now feature the lavish Swayamvar of Chitralekha (Kajal Jain) which will see lot of drama and twists.

    This particular story of Vikramaditya (Karan Suchak) will focus on the elements of friendship, romance and drama.

    Actor Dinesh Mehta will play the role of Maartand, and will be the childhood friend of Vikramaditya who would eye on winning the swayamvar and marrying Chitralekha. However, Chitralekha who is a remarkable painter would have sketched Vikramaditya’s portraits and would have fallen for him. Maartand will want Vikram to accompany him to the swayamvar, as he can win it only with the help of Vikram.

    However, when Chitralekha will see Vikramaditya at the swayamvar, she will be shocked and very disturbed by the fact that he is not participating in the swayamvar to win her.

    With the help of Vikram, Maartand will win the swayamvar to wed Chitralekha. But the twist in the tale will happen when Chitralekha will accept that she is in love with Vikram. The manner in which she will wed Vikram even after Maartand wins her in the Swayamvar will be a treat to watch.

    Maartand’s character will be negative, and he will want to wed Chitralekha at any cost.

    When contacted, Karan said, “The swayamvar story of Vikramaditya is very exciting. It has a lot of elements to it, and viewers will love it. We are presently shooting for the swayamvar sequence, and I am donning nearly 7 kgs of jewellery. We hope the viewers like the swayamvar sequences, as it will come with lot of twists.”

    Watch this interesting swayamvar of Chitralekha in the Creative Eye show.



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