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    Default Vikramaditya to indulge into a fight with goons in Singhasan Battisi!

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    Viewers in the upcoming episode will get to see Vikramaditya fighting against the goons of the village in Sony Pal's Singhasan Battisi.

    Sony Pal's Singhasan Battisi has been appealing to the audience since the show has started mainly due to the messages and stories it has to give to the viewers. From time to time, we have been keeping you guys updated on the track detail of the show and yet again, we are back with another track update.

    When contacted, our source adds, "In the upcoming episodes, the viewers will see a huge fight between Vikramaditya (Karan Suchak) and a guy. Well what happens is, there is this female who leaves her husband and starts living separately. Their son is very tensed with the fact and confronts to his mother that he wants to meet Yamraaj. Later, the child will be seen going to Vikramaditya and confessing him that he wants to die and wants to meet Yamraaj. When Vikram asks him the reason behind his decision, he avers to him about his parents and other related stuff. Eventually, to help this little boy, Vikram will find his father and ask him to sort all the problems. On the contrary, he is very reluctant to resolve anything and ends up fighting with Vikramaditya. The little kid and his father are actually goons. This sequence will surely enthrall the viewers."

    Well, now this is something interesting coming up soon for the viewers!

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