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    Default The tale of Respecting Women in Singhasan Battisi!

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    Viewers of Singhasan Battisi on Sony Pal to witness the tale of 'Nari Samman' in the upcoming episodes.

    Viewers of Singhasan Battisi on Sony Pal are quite aware that the show is based on thirty two stories. Each story has some kind of moral and message hidden in it. We had earlier reported about the story based on 'Atma Samman'. The next story that the show has to come up with is 'Nari Samman'.

    Our source informs us, "Vikram Aditya (Karan Suchak) is sitting in his Music room practising and he feels a woman has passed from his room. He moves out of the room and thinks as if she is Chitralekha. But eventually he finds that she is not Chitralekha and was some other lady who passed by. He went up to Vayami and informed him about the entire scene that happened with him. For a couple of days more, similar things had happened with him and thought it is either his dream or his intuition. After a few days, he approaches Vayamiki and he informs Vikram that these are the days when the souls of women come out and roam around. Vikram followed a woman again and saw that she goes into a pond and disappears."

    "Seeing this, Vikram reaches the pond before the souls came and saw that all of them had diyas in their hands. He follows them into the pond as well and finds a door where all of them get into. Vikram gets into the door and asks them what do they want and all of them reply saying they want to kill Bhoganand (He was a sage who claimed to solve all the problems that women had by he used to kill them). Vikram assured them that he will get him to them. On this, Vikram went to Vayamiki and he said that there is just one solution to this. Vikram has get done havan through which Bhogandas will come to life. Bhogandas was a Narsinha i.e. half man and half wolf. Viewers will see a fight between the two and eventually Vikram will drag Bhogandas to those soul and all of them come together to kill him," adds our source.

    This story too has some secret message involved in it!

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