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    Default Singhasan Battisi's 'Betaal' will go on to become the most lovable character on TV - Producer Dheera

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    Creative Eye Ltd.’s mythological cum fantasy based show, Singhasan Battisi on Sony PAL will now showcase King Vikramaditya’s virtue of ‘friendship’ via the sub-plot Vikram aur Betaal.

    Did you know that King Vikram and Betaal happened to be the thickest of friends?

    Well, this will be the theme on which the track will be based upon. As we know, Singhasan Battisi is all about the 32 stories of Vikram wherein 32 of his virtues will be played upon. And now, Betaal will feature in the story related to the virtue Mitrata. Also, the maker plans to retain Betaal as a recurring character for the stories to come, after which Betaal will be seen as Vikram’s friend who would help Vikram in his adventures.

    Talking about the introduction of Betaal in Singhasan Battisi, Producer Dheeraj Kumar talked exclusively to us.

    “Till date, people have seen a very fragile, frail Betaal flying from the shoulders of Vikram and hanging onto a tree. But a thorough research has given us information that Betaal was in fact a good friend of Vikram and was called Chitragupt. The friendship of Vikram and Betaal was something similar to that of Krishna and Sudama. Betaal is a positive character, a pundit and a well-learned Brahmin. And only because of his great knowledge, he could put Vikram to all the tasks and challenges. This is the interesting element in the back story of Betaal that we want to explore in Singhasan Battisi,” explains the Producer.

    Talking in detail about the presentation of Betaal in the show, Dheeraj Kumar tells us, “No story of Vikramaditya is complete without the huge track of Betaal. Hence we thought this as the right time to incorporate this particular element in the track. The Betaal in Singhasan Battisi will be a larger than life character who would be very strong and mighty. We will start his track on a devilish and negative note, and later turn him into a positive one. At the end of it, Betaal will go on to become the most lovable character on TV for kids.”

    To achieve this, Creative Eye Ltd.’s team of nearly 30-40 people have been working on the execution part when it comes to the character’s look. “Betaal will be a combination of the real character, essayed by Rajesh Khera and a larger than life 3D look of the character. Our huge and reputed team has been working on the 3D look for many days now. Like a Batman or Superman, viewers will see Betaal flying over mountains, and crossing bridges. This combination of the real and 3D look will give the audience a more natural feel, and has never been explored before on television.”

    “Singhasan Battisi is maintaining its #1 position on Sony PAL. My team always believes in healthy competition and also in the need to evolve new things for the betterment. This track of Vikram and Betaal and their tales on friendship will indeed keep the viewers entertained,” states the Producer.

    In addition to Singhasan Battisi, Creative Eye Ltd. we hear is working on two more new projects – a mythological show and a historical show. Ask Dheeraj about it, and he says, “The shows are at the nascent stage. I will talk on it at the right time.”

    Viewers, get ready to explore a new Vikram aur Betaal relationship in Singhasan Battisi. The track will go on air in the first week of January 2015.



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