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    Default Singhasan Battisi becomes #1 show on Sony PAL

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    Creative Eye Ltd.ís creation Singhasan Battisi produced by Dheeraj Kumar and Zuby Kochhar, first of its kind mythological, historical and fantasy based show has attained the number one position on Sony PAL, the recently launched channel in its opening week. TAM data has given its analysis and declared it the number one show on Sony PAL.

    Being placed amidst tough competition across all channels on the prime time slot of 9.30 pm from Monday to Saturday, Singhasan Battisi has clocked 11 minutes on an average TSV ( Time Spend by Viewers) and on Friday 5 September, it clocked 13 minutes TSV which is highly commendable for any new show.

    The show has high hand graphics and edge-finishing animation to create fantasy in mythological and historical stories and it is a quite difficult task for technicians and designers to create six days of fine product for the viewers, but hats off to all in the team who are achieving the target.

    All the stories have a unique selling point as women are already empowered and how they show all their virtues in a dignified way without being proud of themselves forms the basic outline of the story. And if all these virtues can connect to one person, then he has the right to become a KING. Each story defines a special virtue and its greatness.

    Singhasan Battisi is becoming a favorite show amongst the family viewers and it is a great sign for the makers and channel.



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