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    Default Rene Chaudhary to enter Singhasan Battisi as Vajranti!

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    Sony Pal's Singhasan Battisi will see Rene Chaudhary as Vajranti as a narrator to Raja Bhoj.

    Sony Pal's historical-mythological show Singhasan Battisi has been collecting a lot of accolade from the viewers for the stories and the messages the show has to give out. Well, the next development the show will see is that Rene Choudhary will be seen entering the show as Vajranti. She was last seen in Sa Re Ga Ma and will essay the character of a narrator.

    Regarding the track, our source avers, "The entire sequence is basically about Vajranti (Rene Chaudhary) telling about Trusharth to Vikramaditya (Karan Suchak). Vikramaditya is known to be truthful and extremely honest. In one of the fights, Vikram defeats Raja Kuber (Prince Kuber is known to have all the money). So just to take revenge, in some or the other way, Kuber takes all of the money from Vikram. Owing to the situation and Vikram's helplessness, Vikram will be seen doing a lot of Puja-aaradhana to please Lord Indra and Vishesh and their vaahan. Getting please by all the aaradhana done by Vikram, Lord Vishesh sends his Garund to help him reach the cosmos and fight against Kuber. This is the entire story that Vajranti will be seen narrating to Raja Bhoj (Siddharth Arora)."

    Well, now this is something that the viewers have to know about mythological, isn't it?

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