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    Default Raja Bhoj's task to kill Samant 'without looking at him' in Sony PAL's Singhasan Battisi

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    Sony PALís Singhasan Battisi (Creative Eye Ltd) will focus on the story of a villager by name Samant (Kunal Bakshi) who will lay the next big challenge for Raja Bhoj (Siddharth Arora).

    Samant, a simpleton would have been in penance to please the Jal Pari, and would have got special powers. However, a curse that he would beget because of his wrong deeds would create a situation for him wherein whoever Samant would see will turn into gold. With this special power, Samant would get very cruel and will start ruining the entire village by turning everyone into gold.

    When his wife, essayed by Priyanca Thakare, will try to impart some knowledge into him, he would mercilessly turn his wife too into gold. And this will be when Raja Bhoj will be put to a major test to kill this person. And the beauty would be that Bhoj would have to kill him before coming in front of him, as there would be every possibility of Samant turning Raja Bhoj into gold on seeing him.

    When contacted, Kunal Bakshi told us, ďThis is a very interesting role, and the story is turning out very well. I have been shooting for Singhasan Battisi for few days now. I play the greedy man Samant who would have become the King of Kuber by turning everything that he sees into gold.Ē

    How will Raja Bhoj succeed in killing Samant without seeing him?

    Get to see this interesting story in Singhasan Battisi.



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