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    Default Raja Bhoj to give women their stature in the society in Singhasan Battisi!

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    Viewers of Singhasan Battisi to see Raja Bhoj fighting for women's rights; Vikramaditya's look alike is creating a trouble for him.

    Creative Eye Limited's Singhasan Battisi is doing exceptionally well with the unique concept that the makers of the show have to bring in for the viewers. Earlier, we had reported about Raja Bhoj (Siddharth Arora) performing a mahayagya to please Rishi.

    Well, this time again, we have something more to the show.

    Our source informs us, "Viewers in the upcoming episodes will see that the task given to Raja Bhoj (Siddharth Arora) finally comes to an end and he decides to give women equal importance and stature as men in the society. What happens is Rishi Manu had written a book where he wrote what exactly humans have to do and hence the name Manushya. Raja Bhoj goes to Badrinath and calls Rishi Manu. Rishi Manu comes down to Badrinath and sees Raja Bhoj and he makes certain amendments which will help him to bring out rules that will help respect women and get them to the similar stature to that of men in the society. When Raja Bhoj gets back to his palace, everyone starts praising him for the thing what he did for women. Post this, he informs his wife that he is leaving and has to go for another important mission."

    "Raja Bhoj meets Vishaka - idol of intelligence where she confronts to him that Vikramaditya's (Karan Suchak) look alike had come into the palace where he had pleased and made everyone believe that he is the actual Vikramaditya. But Varami, Vikramaditya's mantri, does not believe him and he has this intuition that the one who claims to be Vikramaditya is the fake one. He starts ruling the Kingdom and people also start believing him. Eventually, Varami exposes him and the look alike was sent to the jail and he gets his throne back with all due respect," concludes our source.

    Well, this is definitely something that will set the viewers glued to their television sets.

    Keep reading this space for more updates on your favorite shows.



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