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    Default Manish Bishla to challenge Raja Bhoj in Sony PAL's Singhasan Battisi

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    Actor Manish Bishla, who was recently seen in the role of Mirza Kasim in Zee TVís Jodha Akbar, is presently seen portraying the role of Hayvadan, who is a half-man and half-horse in the story that has opened up this week in Sony PALís Singhasan Battisi (Creative Eye).

    The man who is mighty and rules Ashwalok, will want to acquire knowledge in addition to all the power. In order to gain knowledge, he will steal the four Vedas and will start to get the Vedas chanted in Ashwalok so that all in Ashwalok would gain from it. When the chants would start getting recited in Ashwalok, there will be chaos as Gods will tell Raja Bhoj (Siddharth Arora) that the Prithvi lok will get into complete darkness with the loss of the vedas. Hence, Raja Bhoj will set foot on his journey to Ashwalok to win over Hayavadhan and gets back the Vedas.

    The interesting aspect here will be that Bhoj will lose his first war against the King of Ashwalok, as the latter would have got a boon of getting defeated only by a person who would be half horse and half man. Bhoj will then take up the challenge of performing a yagna and getting the needed powers to kill Hayvadan.

    Will Raja Bhoj get successful in killing Hayvadan?

    When contacted, Manish Bishla told us, ďThis is a very interesting role, and I am looking forward to shooting for Singhasan Battisi.Ē

    Watch this interesting story this week.



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