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    Default Dheeraj Kumar hosts a grand celebration to welcome Singhasan Battisi on Sony PAL

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    Dheeraj Kumar and his entire team in Creative Eye Limited geared up for a grand celebration on the set of their new show, Singhasan Battisi on Sony PAL. The mythological-historical-fantasy based show saw its successful launch on 1 September, and the production house took time out to celebrate the occasion.

    As soon as the telecast of the first episode concluded, the team joined together to cut a huge cake, which had the picture of Singhasan Battisi printed on it.

    Dheeraj Kumar, the Producer was at his lively best and in all humility was seen crediting one and all in his team for making this unique show possible.

    Said Dheeraj Kumar, “It is a collective effort of one and all associated with the project and special thanks goes to Mr. N.P. Singh, CEO of Sony Entertainment Television and Mr. Anooj Kapoor, Business Head of Sony PAL and SAB TV.”

    A very ominous thing observed at the party celebration was the thought expressed by a curious visitor on the set. The visitor put forward a question to the Producer asking him whether he does not consider having the picture of Singhasan Battisi on the cake as a bad omen, as the picture being cut into pieces signifies something bad. To this, the Producer expressed his thought process conveying that he sees it the other way around. On the contrary, this ceremony signified that no evil eye shall be casted upon the show; hence the picture was cut and distributed to the entire cast and crew.

    Everyone present at the party, from the major actors to the technicians enjoyed their time. Producer Dheeraj Kumar’s phone was flooded with messages and calls wherein he was congratulated for the stupendous opening of the serial. Dheeraj Kumar was also seen praising the efforts of the Singhasan Battisi team, headed by Manjeet Sachdev.

    We wish the entire team of Singhasan Battisi all the very best!!



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