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    Default Deeksha Kanwal Sonalkar to turn Ďangelí for Sony PALís Singhasan Battisi

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    The mythological/fantasy based show Singhasan Battisi (Creative Eye Productions) has been featuring some real pretty faces as the plot has 32 angels testing Raja Bhojís (Siddharth Arora) skills.
    And now the next angel on the show will be the gorgeous and cute Deeksha Kanwal Sonalkar, who is currently seen in Sony TVís Itti Si Khushi.

    The actress angel will make Raja Bhoj understand a kingís responsibility towards his wife and personal life apart from taking care of his army and countrymen.
    Deeksha has started shooting from yesterday.

    When we buzzed the actress she quipped, ďIt is a very interesting role although I would not like to reveal the plot. But shooting a costume drama is a very challenging yet a fun experience. The team is also a very sweet one and I am really excited about the overall experience.Ē

    When asked Deeksha how she is managing two shows at a time, she replied, ďIt is indeed difficult but then I am someone who loves working and thus I have taken the challenge gleefully (smiles).Ē
    Deekshaís entry will air next week.



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