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    Default Ali Hassan to play the role of Rahu in Sony PAL’s Singhasan Battisi

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    Dheeraj Kumar’s Creative Eye Ltd. has successfully launched its new show Singhasan Battisi on Sony PAL. From today, the journey of Raja Bhoj (Siddharth Arora) in ascending the throne of the mighty Vikramaditya (Karan Suchak) will kick-start with Mahamaya (Sayantani Ghosh) narrating stories of Vikramaditya’s valour and courage.

    The first story narrated by Mahamaya will have known and popular actor Ali Hassan playing the role of Rahu. Rahu who would have turned immortal would now want to earn a place in the court of the Devtas.

    However, Indra dev (Kunal Bhatia) would be completely against giving Rahu the title of ‘Devta’. This will be when Rahu would burn with anger and would decide to destroy the ‘Pushya Nakshatra’ which would eventually destroy Earth. However, Rahu would be stopped by Vikramaditya (Karan Suchak).

    A source states, “Indra Dev who is the friend of Vikramaditya would seek his help to stop Rahu from destroying Earth. Vikramaditya would then face Rahu eye-to-eye and will in some way convince him to stop his terror attack. In the bargain, Vikramaditya will please Rahu and get him the title of Devta in the court of the Lords. In return, Rahu will bless Vikramaditya with certain boons.”

    When contacted, Ali Hassan told us, “Yes, I have shot for a cameo role in Singhasan Battisi. I play the role of Rahu who wages a war against the Devtas, only to be eventually stopped by Vikramaditya. I will be seen for nearly three episodes.”

    Ali’s character will come on air in tonight’s episode.



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