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    Default 'My Sundays are for my family' - Karan Tacker

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    Karan Tacker talks of his perfect Sunday with his family..

    How does your Sunday morning start?
    I try waking up on time because that's the only day I get an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. I try in put it to the best use possible.

    First thing you do on a Sunday morning?
    Chill out with my mother and inquire about the food menu for the day.

    What's your regular Sunday routine?
    Having a heavy lunch and then crashing down.

    What includes in your Sunday Brunch?
    Parathas of various stuffing, with lots of butter.

    Do you plan your own Sundays or just follow the routine?
    I just follow the plan because it's the head of the family who plans it and we move accordingly.

    Do you wish there were two Sundays in a week?
    Why 2, I wish there were 4 Sundays in a week.

    What's your dream way of spending a Sunday?
    Going off to a beach, have a drink, have amazing sea food and spend the evening at a lounge.

    If not Sunday what would you rename that day of the week?
    (Excitedly) Funday.

    What's more exciting for you, Sunday or Saturday night's?
    Undoubtedly a Sunday.

    Which other day of the week is equally exciting as a Sunday to you?
    Friday night's is exciting because psychologically it's a kick start for the weekend.

    What's your take on going for dinner on Sundays after waiting in long queue?
    My entire family comprises of foodies, so waiting in a queue is not a problem at all. But if there is better food at home then we would prefer staying back.

    Do you dedicate your Sunday for someone special?
    I'm a very family oriented man and due to hectic working schedule family gets ignored at times; so my Sunday is for my family.

    Memorable Sunday you had?
    When I was a kid, we had once been to Manori beach where we had a great get-together.

    The craziest thing you would want to do?
    Run off to Goa and just chill there.

    If Sunday didn't exist then what would you do?
    I wouldn't do anything (smiles).
    ...being a human...



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