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    Default I'm Still on the Way .......!!

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    Far away across the ocean
    Sat a man like i'm in emotion
    Thinking about my life
    With his heart cut off by a knife
    His life had become abject
    In his mind still a vision
    Never could he envision
    Such a tragedy in his life
    Now fading away in his sorrows
    Never to return again
    Broken in pain
    Of his harsh destiny
    Few words left for him to say
    Pretending each day
    To still feel the same
    Living in pain

    Oh My Dear ! Don't go Away.
    look at me I'm on your Way.
    Recall all of sweet memories,
    What Made us Smile.

    I've Remember those Moments,
    When you hugged me,
    I've Remember those Moments,
    When we met first time,
    Please you recall all that.

    My Mind Flashing Back all golden moments,
    What we spend for each others,
    Yours Lovly Smile, Your Stupid Gossips,
    My careless act, Yours Worried Face,
    Plz you Recall ............ .........

    But What happen now?
    Why are you so Silent Today?
    Why your Face telling me A strange Story?
    Plz You Speak out......... ......

    I'm Still Waiting for you,
    I'm Still missing you,
    Come back Dear....
    Please Hug me Dear..

    i'm Still on the Way,
    Oh My Dear, Don't Go Away.
    ...being a human...



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