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    Default Neha Pednekar 'misses' shooting with her sisters in Colors' Shastri Sisters

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    Neha Pednekar who essays the rather docile and timid Alka in Colors’ Shastri Sisters (Shakuntalam Telefilms) is a complete opposite to her on-screen character in real life.

    Talking about it, Neha told, “I can never be like Alka, who has a safe approach to life. If I do not like anything, I will go left, right and centre in expressing my views unlike Alka who is very family-bound. Also, my idea of romance is completely different from that of Alka’s.”

    Romance!! Aah.. So how would Neha perceive her romantic day?

    “A romantic day for me is to go on a long drive, with romantic numbers playing around. Unlike Alka, who is very filmy in romance, I believe in having a realistic feel to my romance. For me, anyone cannot become my life partner. I will prefer to take my time, understand the person, connect with him well, and know his likes and dislikes before giving in to spending my lifetime with him,” explained the actress.

    Neha who is now married in the show, misses shooting with her sisters the most. “Well, I think of them every day. I miss the fun time we used to have on set. In fact, when we were shooting for Alka’s bidaai sequence, we all cried for real as we could not control the feeling that nothing would remain the same now. With Alka getting married, I will have to shift to my sasuraal, and that would only mean that I will be shooting less with my sisters. We cried as though we will not be seeing each other again (smiles).”

    When asked about the fun time they have enjoyed together, the girl went on to say, “Aah, we used to do lots of things. We used to dance playing on music in our make-up rooms, whenever we were free. We used to chat for long sessions and enjoy each other’s company. We used to have a great time during lunch hours when we used to share our food. I miss everything now.”

    About her best pal among her sisters, Neha pointed out, “Ishita Ganguly who essays the role of Anushka is very close to me.”

    Neha who is now paired with Sujay Reu in the show feels that he is very down-to-earth. “Sujay is a pleasure to work with. He is very humble and helps me out a lot. It is always nice to work with like-minded people, as it brings out the best in you as an actor.”

    On playing Alka in Shastri Sisters, the girl said, “It is a fabulous role. I could not have got a better role to begin with to showcase my acting skills. Every day is a learning curve and I am enjoying my stint so far.”

    Neha, we wish you all the luck!!



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