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    Default Love triangle in Colors' Shastri Sisters!

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    An interesting sequence coming up in Colors' Shastri Sisters.

    Shakuntalam Telefilms' newly launched show Shastri Sisters though is slow paced but is garnering the attention of the masses. Well, till now we have seen a lot of drama in the show with Shastri Sisters and their father coming down to Delhi from Kanpur.

    As earlier reported about the newbie Vijendra Kumeria entering the show as the main lead Rajat opposite Anushka (Ishita Ganguly) now we got to hear some more twist in the story. The twist is that with the new entry of Rajat the show will see a love triangle track between Anushka, Rajat and Devyani (Sonal Vengurlekar).

    Well, Rajat has come with a marriage proposal for Anushka. However, Anushka does not like Rajat's company and gets annoyed by him. Meanwhile, Devyani too on the other hand will get attracted towards Rajat.

    Our source says, "In the upcoming episode Devyani will start liking Rajat. Devyani will dream that she is in her college premises where she enters a restricted area. The restricted place is meant for shooting and Devyani is about to get hit. But Rajat in the nick of time saves her from getting shot."

    "It will so happen that Rajat will see Devyani entering a restricted area where he follows her and pushes her down. The duo will end up falling and since then Devyani will be seen getting attracted towards him," ends our source.

    Will Rajat too start liking Devyani?

    To know more keep reading this space.



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