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    Default I don't think anyone would have the 'pagalpan' of Rajeev in real life - Sumit Verma

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    The good looking and talented Sumit Verma, who is making his way towards stardom with his brilliant performance as Rajeev in Colors’ Shastri Sisters (Shakuntalam Productions), is one happy guy today.

    And why not, for he is getting to play variant shades in the show which is giving him ample scope to perform. “I am enjoying my phase completely in the show. Not many newcomers get to play such an interesting character. From being a lover boy, Rajeev today has become completely negative who wants to get back his love at any cost. He is somewhat similar to Shah Rukh Khan’s character in Darr.”

    So how is he coping with the requirements in the challenging character? “To be honest, the directors are the saviours. They have been guiding me to the fullest. Also the other senior actors have been a constant support to not just me but also the entire young team. It’s a very friendly atmosphere on the sets, it almost feels like home.”

    When asked whether he has the same passion like Rajeev in him, Sumit quickly said, “Never, leave alone me I think no one in real life would also have so much love for someone. I mean to leave your family and home trying to get your love would be too much. Also when you know that she is married. That is complete pagalpan.”

    Along with the fans, his mother too seems to have got the hang of the character, as the actor shared, “My mom keeps on telling me not to harass Alka (Neha Pednekar) and leave her in peace. She doesn’t understand that it’s not her son but the character that is creating havoc. It’s fun to receive such response as that means the character is working on people’s mind. This surely is a high for any actor.”

    True that Sumit!



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