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    Default Colors launches a tale of four sisters - Shastri Sisters!

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    Colors launches its new show Shastri Sisters which is going to be a tale of four sisters who are going to start a new life in a new city Delhi after their father will get transferred there…

    Of all the beautiful relations of the world, the bond that sisters have among themselves is one of the sweetest bonds one could ever see. A sister can play the role of a friend, a mother and even a brother too. To project the sweet bonding of four sisters, Shakuntalam Telefilms' is launching Shastri Sisters on Colors.

    Shastri Sisters is going to be the story of four sisters who belongs to a small city Kanpur but later, their destiny brings them to a big city like Delhi after their father get transferred there. The show is going to throw light on their journey from Kanpur to Delhi showing how they get themselves accustomed in the new city and how their life will take a new turn.

    Alka (Neha Pednekar) is the eldest one who loves to be in her dreamland and keeps imagining about her love. Though being the second daughter of the family, Anushka (Ishita Ganguly), she is the most responsible one amongst all. Of all the sisters, there is a very chirpy and bubbly girl Devyani (Sonal Vengurlekar) who is full of life. The youngest of all is Peeya (Pragati Chourasiya) who is the beloved one of the family. These four sisters are bonded by the anchor of their life Narayan Shashtri (Rajesh Jais) who is a very loving and a caring father.

    Talking about the show, Neelima Bajpai who is the creative head of Shakuntalam Telefilms, told us that she has got the inspiration to make the story from her own life. She said, "The idea of making the show has come from my own life as we are four sisters and we are very close and even we are called as Bajpai sisters."

    Shashtri sisters promises to throw light on all aspects of the lives of these sisters where their bond, their emotional as well as their fun side will be projected. The show is going to connect to the real audience with its simplicity of the storyline and the characters.

    It would be fun for the audiences to watch whether the journey of Shastri Sisters from Kanpur to Delhi is going to be easy?



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