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    Default shakuntala 13th april 2009 written update

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    Recap :- Dushyant fulfilled his promise by giving holy herbs & leaves to Shakuntala so that her wishes will be fulfilled. Dushyant & Shakuntala confessed their love feeling towards each other….& both of them were happy with coz of this….but Kalkie has some plans to destroy this growing love story….

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Today’s Update~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Friend:- Will U tell us something or only smile like this……..
    Dushyant :- She likes me.
    Friend :- Really.
    Other friend :- R u sure?
    Dushyant Nods positively……all seems to be happy & excited….Scene shifts to Ashram…..Shakuntala is dancing happily…..In excitement She She shows her love & affection to all Ashram kids who are playing.
    Priyamvada:- This is not right Shakuntala…M worried about U….
    Shakuntala :- U are worrying for me? Don’t worry about me Priyamvada…M very very very very happy….
    Priyamvada :- That’s why m worried…These rich & royal people are not same as they seems to be….And I don’t want U to be hurt coz of him.
    Shakuntala :- Priyamvada …don’t think so much…I will never been hurt by Him. Senapati Aditya Loves me a lot & He’ll never hurt me…..I trust him whole heartily.
    Scene Shifts to Dushyant along with his friends in his tent…..Dushyant is taking to himself suddenly Kalkie arrives & invites them….
    Dushyant(to himself) :- All is going as I wanted…Now no problems will come in between us….
    Kalkie :- It seems U guys got some happy news as U all seems so happy.
    Dushyant :- I never been happy before as I feel today.
    Kalkie :- Oh really? Then Why not We celebrate ur this happiness. I mean I have arranged for tonight’s party….only ur agreement is awaited…So will u come?
    Dushyant :- Why not? I m ready not only for celebration infact anything….
    Kaklie :- Ok the it’s Final now…..I have invited some of ur friends…& U guys will definitely be there…
    Friend :- It’s our friends happiness celebration & we wont be there…It’s impossible. We’ll definitely come…
    Kalkie :- ok I’ll make this tonight all of urs memorable night. Ok then I’ll take a leave now…
    Kalkie goes to her tent & chat with bro…..
    Kalkie :- They are ready… it’s 2nd turn of our plan….our invitation must be reached to the Ashram.
    Here in Ashram Rishi Shatanand announcing about the invitation & insist Shakuntala including her friends to go there….
    Rishi Shatanand :- See what is there for all of u….Rajkumari Kalkie has invited all of U tonight for some special celebration. If U all go there then she will be glad…
    Anusuyia :- But why She invited all of Us…(Beauty with brain)
    Rishi Shatanand :- That’s her gr8ness….
    Shakuntla :- She is not that bad as we all are thinking….Really….
    Rishi Shatanand :- If She has invited all of u with so much love then U all should go otherwise She’ll feel felt. This type of invitation shouldn’t be ignored…U all go and get ready…I’ll ask Karan to go with U all.
    Priyamvada :- Rishiwar didn’t allow Us before to go outside at night but how today he agreed?
    Anusuyia :- U just eat mangoes….Why are U counting seeds? I’ll definitely go & will enjoy fully…..and coz Senapati Aditya will be there so Shakuntala will definitely go with Us.
    Priyamvada :- But Why Rajkumari Kalkie invited all of Us so suddenly….(She has some brains)
    Anusuyia :- Now leave all this & get ready…Or may be Senapati Aditya has invited Us on the Rajkumari’s name….Ok let’s go…coz today Shakuntala will take more time to be ready….
    All leaves …..& Shakuntala blushes to herself while thinking about Dushyant……Here Rishi Shatanand & Gautami secretly discuss about Shakuntala & Mrityunjay….
    Rishi Shatanand :- Hv U seen this invitation? It’s not just a letter also a golden chance.
    Gautami :- I don’t understand bro…Who has sent this?
    Rishi Shatanand :- Rajkumari Kalkie…..tonight She has oraganised a party at her place & She has invited Shakuntala in that…R u getting something?
    Gautami :- Rajkumar Mrityunjay
    Rishi Shatanand :- Just like this Shakuntala and Mrityunjay ‘s meeting will increase closeness b/w them so that they both will tie knot in a strong relation.
    Gautami :- So that means When Rishi Karnva will return till thenShakuntala will get married to her bad-destiny(bad-luck). And then nobody will change her destiny.
    Both gives evil looks & smirks….Here in hastinapur Gauri is praying & Veer also come there for worship…Both looks awkward…Veer starts to leave but Gauri stops him….
    Gauri :- U know I was just talking to god about urself & U came…that means when we wish something from heart , it’ll definitely comes true.
    Veer :- Rajkumari ji…We are in palace now…We both have some limitation here…U are a princess & m a head Soldier(Senapati). U shouldn’t talk to me like this. If somebody sees this….
    Gauri :- then let them see….I don’t care about it…..
    Veer :- But I do care….
    Gauri :- What happened? R u alright?
    Veer nods positively & starts to leave but Gauri again block his way by holding his hand….
    Gauri :- Where r U going?
    Veer :- For doing my work….
    Gauri :- Why r u suddenly behaving so rude to me , today?
    But Veer frees himself & leaves from there…Gauri tries to stop him but hurts herself on forehead…Veer looks upset but still looks back….
    Veer :- We should see in front before moving further as sometimes it hurts a lot….
    He leaves & Gauri feels bad….Here In forest Dushyant & his friends enjoying the moment….Kalkie Mixes something the cold-drinks of Dushyant & his friends secretly & ordes a soldier to serve Dushyant & Co. with it…..But She takes Dushyant glass to serve herself….after he leaves Kalkie gives evil look….all are being served with Cold-drinks….
    Kalkie :- I have made this special drink only for U…Let me drink u first sip….
    Dushyant :- Thanx…I’ll drink myself….
    Kalkie agrees & gives him that glass & Dushyant takes it…..All drinks their drink.
    Some ladies come there. Kalkie introduce them as her friends….Dushyant imagines Shakuntala.
    Here Shakuntala & Co. are in their way …. Shakuntala is lost in herself….
    Anusuyia :- It will be a big celebration. I never expected that Rajkumari Kalkie will invite all of us like this…..
    Shakuntala :- I tell u naa We have mistaken about her….last time when she met she was very polite…
    Anusuyia :- Now let’s go fast. M still excited….
    All r still moving…Karan looks hurt….Shakuntala notices him….
    Shakuntala :- Karan …. Why r u moving so quietly? R u thinking something?
    Karan :- I was thinking that Forest has so many trees and also thinking that If really our wishes to Lord Shiv will be granted…..
    Shakuntala :- (laughs) yes…for sure…..
    Karan :- How do u know this? What did U wish?
    Shakuntala :- I got what I wished…But what U wished
    Karan :- Me too got what I wished….
    Here Dushyant n co. are enjoying….Dushyant’s friend cracks a joke related to Dushyant. All lughs but Dushyant feels dizzy…..
    Friend :- once Dushyant’s horse got injured so Dushyant lift it with him upon his shoulders…..
    Dushyant :- Btu I feel so much headache that I can’t lift it now….Madhavya ! can u lift it?
    All Laughs on this….Kalkie and Mrityunjay smilks evily….Dushyant stands to leave but trips….Kalkie helps him…Friends notices this and gets worried…..but Dushyant excuses himself for returning to his tent.
    Dushyant :- M leaving for my residence(tent).
    Kalkie :- Let me Leave u there…
    Dushyant sternly shows his palm in negative way….Kalkie scares…
    Dushyant :- U didn’t listen Madhavya….when I lift my horse & returned to our Palace then I can go myself to my tent also….
    Kalkie agrees…& Dushyant leaves…
    Mrityunjay :- Shakuntala will arrive at any moment…
    Kalkie :- Now it’s last turn of our plan….
    Here in hastinapur….
    Gauri :- What wrong with Veer…He didn’t talk properly to me….
    Damini :- Don’t let it serious…May be He is upset…and also He just come from a high fever….A person gets his frustration on those whom he feels his own….
    Gauri :- yes,,,it’s right…I forgive him…..but When He talk so seriously He looks so lovable & cute….
    Here Shakuntala & Co. reached at party venue… all seems to be upset on seeing moderanity among people….like al males tlikng so frankly with females n all…..Kalkie notices them…
    Kalkie to one of the lady :- Here come our true Prey…Now u all leave & do ur work….
    Shakuntala to her friends :- I don’t like this place…
    Karan :- Yes, this place is not for us….
    Shakuntala desires to Meet only Senapati Aditya & then they all will leave after that. Karan looks hurt on this…Here Dushyant is not feeling well…
    Lady :- Rajkumar Dushyant! What r u doing here?
    Dushyant :- U all go I’ll come later….
    All ladies tries to woo with him but being a gentleman Dushyant sternly didn’t let them to touch him and tells them to leave and He’ll come in few moments…He feels dizzy….
    Kalkie :- Shakuntala…We all r waiting for U…Even Rajkumar Dushyant just left after waiting U…
    Karan :- He got tired…
    Kalkie :- No no…But He wants to meet all of u….U all go to his tent & meet him there yourself…then again come here…
    Karan :- Where is his tent?
    Kalkie shows direction & All leave hesitatingly….
    Anusuyia :- Don’t worry Shakuntala….after meeting Rajkumar Dushyant We all will search Senapati Aditya…
    Dushyant to ladies :- See, I’ll take care of myself…..just a minor headache…..
    Here Shakuntala & co. R coming towards Dushyant…& all ladies Make Dushyant lie on the bed…. Shakuntala & Co. gets shocked on seeing Dushyant(Senapati Aditya) in that state….Here all came to know about Dushyant’s reality….

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Pecap :- Gauri is running…..Senapati Veer on a horse chasing her……



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