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    Default Zee TV launches Servicewali Bahu!

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    Viewers shall witness an intriguing concept through Zee TV's newly launched show Servicewali Bahu.

    Village Boy Productions, which has produced shows like Afsar Bitya on Zee TV and Ek Ghar Banaunga on Star Plus, is all set to woo the audience once again by producing a new show Servicewali Bahu on Zee TV.

    The show traces the story about Payal essayed by Kartika Sengar, last seen in Punar Vivah on Zee TV, who gets married to Dev. Dev character essayed by Abhishek Rawat. It's a love story between the cute couple.

    Basically the plot of the show projects that how families want a working daughter-in-law who will earn and give money to their in laws. The main idea of the show is to convey the message that it's an advance way to take dowry from bride's family.

    Traditionally dowry used to be demanded from the bride's family in the form of luxury items, jewelry or cash. Though the old system is fading now, but the advance way of asking dowry, is booming as the groom's family want an earning daughter-in-law so that her salary is beneficial to them.
    Well, it has been shown that Dev is struggling to make his career and meets Payal where they both fall for each other. Dev's family has the motive to bring daughter-in-law who is working and earns money. Hence Dev's family agrees to marry him with Payal as she is a working woman. Later Payal's struggle will shown and how she that how she manages her house and work both.

    Well, it will be interesting to see that how will the audience get convinced with this new concept?



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