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    Makoto Ito, a Japanese high school student, has been admiring a girl he has been seeing on the train on his way to school, Kotonoha Katsura. Makoto managed to take a photo of her with his cell phone, but due to a new seating arrangement in his class, he ends up next to Sekai Saionji, who discovers Makoto's crush as she snoops for his cell phone while talking to him, and vows to help him until Kotonoha agrees to go out with him. When Sekai finally gets them together, she realizes her own feelings after finding out that the person Kotonoha liked was, in fact, Makoto. While waiting for her train next to Makoto, who was waiting for Kotonoha, she has him talking about how he can repay her for all of her help. Before leaving for her train, she kisses him and cries when she boards the way home. Kotonoha happily arrives for her date with Makoto shortly after. With all three main characters carrying different expressions on their faces, the story begins.

    Many of the surnames of the characters are taken from previous Prime Ministers of Japan and Japanese Imperial Court members.

    [edit] Primary Characters
    Makoto Itō
    Makoto Itō

    Makoto Ito[4] (伊藤 誠, Itō Makoto?)
    Voiced by: Tatsuya Hirai (game), Daisuke Hirakawa (anime)
    Birthday: October 16 (Libra), Blood Type: O
    He is the main character of the story. He attends Sakakino Gakuen (榊野学園) and is in class three, year one. Throughout the story, he is an indecisive womanizer, unable or unwilling to choose between the women in his life. Although not a bad-natured person, Makoto can be very self-centered and rash, and tends to make decisions without caring about how others feel or about the later consequences. Only at the conclusion of the anime does he belatedly realize the error of his ways.
    His parents are divorced and he now lives together with his mother in an upperscale apartment. His little sister, Itaru, lives with her father. His name means "Truth", contrasting with his indecisive nature.

    Kotonoha Katsura
    Kotonoha Katsura

    Kotonoha Katsura (桂 言葉, Katsura Kotonoha?)
    Voiced by: Soyogi Tōno (game), Tae Okajima (anime)
    Birthday: January 4 (Capricorn), Blood Type: A, B/W/H: 102/60/84
    She is in year one, class four and is a member of the Student Council. She takes the same train as Makoto and becomes his girlfriend early in the story. Despite her busty figure, Kotonoha is quiet and has a respectable nature, but is frightened of boys, apparently after some bad experiences in junior high; due to this reserved and shy attitude, Kotonoha and Makoto often have awkward moments together. She is also very mentally fragile, expressed with her facial expressions (specifically her lifeless eyes) and obsessive behavior when she feels neglected or loses Makoto in some way. She is disliked by Otome and her friends and is subject to their bullying; this was present before she dated Makoto and intensified when Otome learns of her link to him.
    Her family is very rich, and lives in a large house away from the city. Both of her parents work.

    Sekai Saionji
    Sekai Saionji

    Sekai Saionji (西園寺 世界, Saionji Sekai?)
    Voiced by: Kaname Yuzuki (game), Shiho Kawaragi (anime)
    Birthday: December 7 (Sagittarius), Blood Type: B, B/W/H: 84/62/86
    The emotional and spirited classmate of Makoto. She is in the same class as him, and is seated next to him. After seeing the picture of Kotonoha that Makoto took on his cell phone, she helps him get close to Kotonoha, despite harboring strong feelings for him. Like Makoto, she is good at heart, but tends to make decisions without thinking about how others feel, and her impulsive and emotional nature sometimes leads her into trouble.
    She lives with her mother, Youko, in an apartment. Her given name means "world" in Japanese; she has made a few puns with this detail.

    [edit] Secondary Characters
    Setsuna Kiyoura
    Setsuna Kiyoura

    Setsuna Kiyoura (清浦 刹那, Kiyoura Setsuna?)
    Voiced by: Hana Yamamoto (game), Keiko Imoto (anime)
    Birthday February 14 (Aquarius), Height: 142.5 cm, Blood Type: A, B/W/H: 74/54/76
    A student in year one, class three, Setsuna is a member of the class committee and is Sekai's best friend. Their mothers are good friends and they work together at the same company. Setsuna is very devoted to Sekai, willing to give up her own happiness in order to help Sekai, shown in the anime when she frequently helps Sekai with her feelings for Makoto despite having feelings of her own for him. She is also constantly worried about Sekai and tries to make sure that Makoto will keep Sekai happy. This leads her to go so far as to try to eradicate Kotonoha from Makoto's love life by cutting short any interactions they have while she is around; this is done for Sekai's sake and, unlike Otome, she does not hold any grudge against Kotonoha. Although silent-looking and almost emotionless, she is conscious about her underdeveloped body, especially in comparison with Kotonoha and Sekai.
    She is the main heroine in the game Summer Days.

    Nanami Kanroji
    Nanami Kanroji

    Nanami Kanroji (甘露寺 七海, Kanroji Nanami?)
    Voiced by: Mio Fujimura (game), Chiaki Takahashi (anime)
    A friend of Sekai's, Nanami is in year one, class three. She was offered admission to the school based on her special athletic talents. Her boyfriend, a hardcore otaku, is also her senior and is in the school's basketball club. She is not really interested in Makoto's problems, unlike Sekai is, nor is she really ever introduced to Makoto; she only intervenes more directly in some of the games' endings.

    Hikari Kuroda
    Hikari Kuroda

    Hikari Kuroda (黒田 光, Kuroda Hikari?)
    Voiced by: Hikaru Isshiki (game), Ryōko Tanaka (anime)
    A student in year one, class three. She originally has a crush on Taisuke, and dislikes Makoto, whom she believes is going out with Sekai since the beginning of the story. However, towards the end of the anime, she grows a lot closer to Makoto and has sex with him (as seen in episode 11, something she acknowledges as a mistake from the beginning; she had originally gone to Makoto's house to discuss Sekai's situation), only to dump him later when Sekai reveals her pregnancy.

    Otome Katou
    Otome Katou

    Otome Katou[5] (加藤 乙女, Katō Otome?)
    Voiced by: Yuki Matsunaga (game) Haruka Nagami (anime)
    She is in year one, class four of Sakakino Gakuen, and one of Makoto's friends since junior high. She is on the girl's basketball team and is also head of the group of girls who bullies Kotonoha. She has had a crush on Makoto since junior high, but never shows it until later on. Despite this, Makoto does not seem to think of her in any romantic way. When she finds out that Kotonoha has been dating Makoto, she becomes extremely irritated and jealous, and starts bullying Kotonoha openly because of it. Ultimately, when Sekai reveals her pregnancy, Otome dumps Makoto as well, realizing she is in love only with the image she had of him from junior high.

    Kokoro Katsura
    Kokoro Katsura

    Kokoro Katsura (桂 心, Katsura Kokoro?)
    Voiced by: Aoi Kamizuki (game), Megu Ashiro (anime)
    Kotonoha's younger sister. Unlike her shy older sister, Kokoro is very talkative and full of curiosity. Although she likes to tease Kotonoha around, she actually worries about Kotonoha a lot (seen especially in the manga). She often wants to play with Makoto during his visits at her house.

    Taisuke Sawanaga
    Taisuke Sawanaga

    Taisuke Sawanaga (澤永 泰介, Sawanaga Taisuke?)
    Voiced by: Hikage Hyūga (game), Yoshiaki Matsumoto (anime)
    He is one of Makoto's friends since junior high, and is in the same class as Makoto. He is cheerful, dorky and appears to be strongly attracted to Kotonoha because of her good looks. In the anime, he often tries to impress Kotonoha, but she constantly tells him that she is Makoto's girlfriend and therefore cannot date him. In the game under certain circumstances they briefly date, but Kotonoha ultimately breaks up with Taisuke and returns to Makoto. In some outcomes in the game, and in the anime, Taisuke does not give up, though, and this ultimately causes some of the events that break Kotonoha the most. Kotonoha eventually becomes cold with him and directly says she has no feelings for him.

    Kumi Mori (森 来実, Mori Kumi?)
    Voiced by: Nene (game) Eri Saita (anime)
    She is one of the girls in year one, class four that is part of another group that bullies Kotonoha. She is the most childish out of the three. In the anime, she mentioned that she has a boyfriend.

    Natsumi Koizumi (小泉 夏美, Koizumi Natsumi?)
    Voiced by: Sawa Konohana (game) Nana Furuhara (anime)
    One of the girls in year one, class four that is part of another group that bullies Kotonoha. She is good at getting information and gets along with people easily.

    Minami Obuchi
    Minami Obuchi

    Minami Obuchi (小渕 みなみ, Obuchi Minami?)
    Voiced by: Kuribayashi Minami (game/anime)
    One of the girls in year one, class four that is part of another group that bullies Kotonoha.

    Itaru (止, Itaru?)
    Voiced by: Kagetsu Nanba (game)
    Makoto's younger sister, a sweet and innocent little girl who is very attached to her brother. She lives with her father after her parents divorced and comes to visit Makoto from time to time. Her current family name is not certain. She appears in the game version of School Days; in the anime, Makoto only mentions to Sekai that his little sister is living with his father.

    Youko Saionji (西園寺 踊子, Saionji Yōko?)
    Sekai's mother. A kind and wise woman who draws upon her wealth of experience in advising her daughter about her romance-related troubles. She appears only in the game versions of School Days and Summer Days, as well as the OVAs Valentine Days and Magical Heart Kokoro-chan.

    [edit] Endings

    Among twenty-one possible endings, there are fifteen "good" endings (the main character ends up with one girl), three "bad" endings (involves the death of a main character), two harem endings (the main character ends up with multiple characters), and one that is a variation of any of the above (a post-fin episode to other endings). Three "bad" endings exist in the game, the endings involve violent events.

    [edit] Happy endings


    "From a Kiss to Beyond" (「キスから先へ」, Kisu kara Saki e?)
    This ending shares the same conclusion as "To Kotonoha". It differs in how the scenario before that was carried out.

    "Carnal Desire" (「肉欲」, Nikuyoku?)
    Makoto and Sekai develop a close relationship, however somewhere down the line Kotonoha still wants to be with Makoto. Though Makoto feels convinced he likes Sekai, Kotonoha seduces him a number of times and photographs their activities. She then makes a deal with Makoto where if Sekai gives up on him, he'd look only at Kotonoha. Kotonoha then tells Sekai about what they were doing together and shows the pictures to prove it. She then informs Makoto to keep his promise because Sekai gave up on him. Makoto wants to know what she told Sekai and after some persistence, Kotonoha tells him about what she discussed with Sekai. Though unhappy about what she did, Makoto keeps his promise and dates Kotonoha.

    "The Him Only for Her" (「彼女だけの彼」, Kanojo dake no Kare?)
    This ending has the same conclusion as the "And to Kotonoha" ending, the difference is that the player was devoted to Sekai from the start, to a point where Kotonoha briefly dates Taisuke. Makoto eventually changes his mind to go for Kotonoha and she breaks up with Taisuke, and it then ends the same way as "To Kotonoha".

    "And with Kotonoha" (「そして言葉と」, So****e Kotonoha to?)
    Makoto dumps Kotonoha because of a sudden onset of feelings for Sekai. A misunderstanding at the pool leads to Kotonoha and Sekai both believing Otome to be Makoto's new love interest. Sekai, Kotonoha and Otome begin to compete for Makoto's affections. These events become the main source of gossip all over the school. In the end, Makoto chooses to be with Kotonoha and the story ends with Kotonoha and Makoto waking up in his bed the next morning answering a video call from Kotonoha's sister. Makoto angles the phone so the camera picks up the nude Kotonoha smiling and flashing a V symbol while the embarrassed and surprised Kokoro excitedly speaks words of amazement.

    "And to Kotonoha" (「そして言葉へ」, So****e Kotonoha e?)
    This ending shares the same scenario as the one above, with one exception. In this ending, Makoto makes it clear that the one he likes is Sekai. This effectively throws Otome out of the picture. However Makoto's feelings for Sekai at this point are tentative at best and Kotonoha desperately tries to win back Makoto's heart. Due to the fact that it is now clear that Sekai and Makoto are dating, Nanami and the girls in the sports clubs conspire to bully Kotonoha and keep her away from Makoto; Nanami warns Kotonoha about not getting close to Makoto, and later the other girls knock over Kotonoha's homemade lunch which she prepared for Makoto. Makoto himself learns about what happened by overhearing Otome's friends bragging about it and searches for Kotonoha, finding her right when Otome and her friends have her cornered and Natsumi is about to slap her. Then, a disgusted Makoto grabs Natsumi's hand and stands up for Kotonoha, lecturing the other girls for being bullies. He then blames Sekai for all the bullying and harshly reprimands her as she cries and apologizes repeatedly. The game ends with Kotonoha and Makoto eating lunch together and then kissing afterwards.

    "And Starting from the First Kiss" (So****e Fāsuto Kisu kara Hajimaru?)
    This ending also shares the same conclusion with the "To Kotonoha" ending and thus only differs because of the previous scenario.

    These six are all happy endings with Kotonoha, varying from only kissing to sensuality. The variation depends on how much focus there is towards Kotonoha. The "With Kotonoha" and "To Kotonoha" endings are attained by keeping the relationship bar maxed towards Kotonoha at all times. The others involve briefly swaying towards Sekai at different points in the game before swaying back towards Kotonoha, thus the endings tend to lack the content of a more dedicated ending.

    "Christmas Eve" (「クリスマス・イブ」, Kurisumasu Ibu?)
    This ending resembles a traditional "happily ever after" ending. However, it is attained by being indecisive throughout the first part of the game and thus not 100% dedicated to Kotonoha. On Christmas Eve, Makoto and Kotonoha go to a luxury hotel room and kiss, apparently staying there for the night.


    "With Honest Feelings" (「素直な気持ちで」, Sunao na Kimochi de?)
    This ending resembles a traditional "happily ever after" ending. However, it is attained by being indecisive throughout the first part of the game and thus not 100% dedicated to Sekai. On Christmas Eve, Sekai is sitting and eating alone at the train station. She starts to cry bitterly over Makoto, but he suddenly appears and starts munching on her sandwich. She asks him about Kotonoha, whom he left at the hotel, but he just tells her that he chose her, Sekai, and that those were his honest feelings. He then finishes her sandwich and playfully teases her about it not being enough to eat by nibbling on her fingers. Sekai is slightly annoyed with his passive attitude, but it does not keep her from embracing him and telling him that she loves him. As they hug, Sekai wishes Makoto a Merry Christmas.

    "I Love You" (「だいすき」, Daisuki?)
    After Makoto puts himself in a bad position with Sekai and Kotonoha he realizes that his true feelings are for Sekai. He boards the train to go to her house, in the meantime Setsuna sends Sekai a message saying that Makoto is on his way. Both meet at the station, Makoto apologizes, and both confess their love for each other.

    "Bavarois" (「ババロア」, Babaroa?)
    Kotonoha forces Makoto into an awkward position and fabricates a picture taken on her cell phone. She shows Sekai this picture in order to bully her, and tells her that Makoto enjoys her better than Sekai. Sekai becomes extremely upset and resorts to sulking and crying in her room, ignoring his phone calls and later telling him to go away when he tries to come by to see her. Sekai's mother comes home later, and they have bavarois. After a meaningful talk, Sekai's mother tells her that Makoto has been waiting for her outside, looking upset. Realizing he's been out there, Sekai runs out to him and embraces him. He tells her that he is sorry, and that he truly loves her. Through her sobs, Sekai asks if Makoto likes bavarois.

    "Binding Thoughts" (「想い結んで」, Omoimusunde?)
    These three are all happy endings with Sekai. Just like Kotonoha, these endings are achieved with varying levels of dedication towards Sekai.

    "Setsuna's Wish" (「刹那の想い」, Setsuna no Omoi?)
    Happy ending with Setsuna and Sekai. Although Setsuna leaves for Paris and Makoto falls love with Sekai, this is known as Setsuna's ending because of the impressive last scene in the airport, when Sekai and Makoto go to say goodbye to Setsuna.

    [edit] Sub Heroine Endings

    "Everyone's Makoto" (「みんなの誠」, Minna no Makoto?)
    Makoto abandons Sekai and ends up with her friend Hikari Kuroda, while Kotonoha hooks up with Makoto's friend Taisuke.

    "Sex Friend" (「セックスフレンド」, Sekkusu Furendo?)
    These two are the happy ending with Hikari, one of the sub heroines. In "Sex Friend", a post-fin is shown with Hikari carrying Makoto's baby with her.

    "The Earnest Feelings are Rewarded" (「一途な思いは報われて」, Ichizu na Omoi wa Mukuwarete?)
    Happy ending with Otome. After Makoto chooses Otome over Kotonoha and Sekai they have sex to start their romantic relationship. The player is then shown a year later a short time after the school festival showing Makoto and Otome fighting and Otome's friends commenting on how common it is that Makoto and Otome are fighting. During Otome's friends' conversation one brings out a picture of Makoto and Otome kissing during the Folk Dance at the bonfire during the school festival, showing that even the two fight they still love each other.

    [edit] Tragic endings

    "Eternally" (「永遠に」, Eien ni?)[6]

    Sekai and Makoto are in love and decide to tell Kotonoha about it. Kotonoha is so crushed that she handles it very poorly, begging Makoto to date her again while in Makoto's apartment. He apologizes to her and declines; afterwards, the crushed Kotonoha quietly tells them that they will never be happy together, since they are together despite knowing Kotonoha cannot go on without Makoto.

    As Sekai and Makoto leave the apartment, Sekai worries aloud about Kotonoha's reaction, but Makoto reassures her, saying that Kotonoha will understand in time. Kotonoha's phone then falls and shatters on the sidewalk, and Makoto and Sekai witness Kotonoha jumping off the ledge of the apartment; just before she hits the ground, Sekai and Makoto see briefly how her eyes are completely lifeless and how her face is contorted in an insane smile.

    The epilogue shows Makoto in front of Kotonoha's grave, some time after her suicide; it is revealed that he broke up with Sekai, finished high school, is now working with his mom as a nurse and has never had a girlfriend since, having decided to never fall in love again.

    In the PS2 extension of the ending, Sekai crosses paths with Makoto when he is visiting Kotonoha's grave; she reveals that she had gotten married, but was going to divorce soon. Makoto tells her he is not married, but instead working as a nurse in his mother's hospital. After more strained conversation between the two, Sekai notes that the grave seems to be laughing in an unpleasant way, and they part ways.

    "To My Children" (「我が子へ」, Wagako e?)

    One day while Kotonoha and Makoto are having sex, Kotonoha feels insecure about the relationship she had with Makoto and asks him to forget about Sekai for just that day. Makoto, who still has small feelings for Sekai, does not want to do it at first, but finally gives up since Kotonoha keeps begging him. During sex, then, Makoto tells Kotonoha that she is the only one for him, and that Sekai is good for nothing. Sekai overhears this and becomes enraged; she goes home, and as soon as she arrives, she throws up in the kitchen.

    Six months later, Makoto and Kotonoha are on a walk outside, with her talking about having a baby. When they part, Sekai, now pregnant, appears and stabs Makoto in the gut with a butcher knife. After a few words from Makoto, Sekai becomes terrified at what she has done and runs off. Makoto slowly walks from the beach, leaving a trail of blood behind him, and he eventually dies.

    In the PS2 extension of the ending, an afterward shows Kotonoha and Youko watching three children: one of Kotonoha's, one of Sekai's, and one of Hikari's. Sekai has run away; her mother cannot get in contact with her and does not know if she is alive. Kotonoha, however, says that she hopes that is not the case. Hikari and Taisuke come along to pick up Hikari's child, and in Kotonoha's conversation with Taisuke, she hints that not only is the child she has her's and Taisuke's, but that Kotonoha's child may have been the result of a rape committed by Taisuke.

    "The Bloody Conclusion" (「鮮血の結末」, Senketsu no Ketsumatsu?)

    One day, Kotonoha overhears Makoto and Sekai loudly engaging in sexual intercourse, which in turn emotionally destroys her. She spends several hours on her own, emotionally dead, until she suddenly snaps in the snow and laughs maniacally.

    The next day, as Makoto and Sekai leave the train station, they meet Kotonoha on an overpass beside the station. There is an awkward moment as Sekai lets go of Makoto's arm, greeting her. Kotonoha says a few words before revealing a saw hidden behind her school bag and swiping it beside Sekai's neck. After a few seconds, Sekai suddenly bleeds violently and collapses in a pool of blood in front of Kotonoha and Makoto. Kotonoha starts laughing hysterically again, her lifeless eyes revealing that she has completely broken down.

    In the PS2 extension of the ending, after Kotonoha kills Sekai, she states that it was her revenge. She apologizes to Makoto and begins to ask if he would like to do the same and kill her, but instead, he screams and knocks the blade out of her hand and over the side of the overpass. Kotonoha is surprised as she glances at her cut palm, but Nanami's and Hikari's screams bring Makoto back to reality. As he looks at Sekai, Kotonoha tries to wrap her scarf around his neck, but he panics. He grabs her hand as she tries to tighten the scarf, and realizing what she has done, Kotonoha breaks down and cries.

    [edit] "Harem" endings

    "Two Lovers" (「二人の恋人」, Futari no Koibito?)
    A "harem" ending in which Kotonoha and Sekai admit and accept that they both love Makoto. They both are pregnant, so they have a conversation and decide to reveal the news to Makoto as a "Christmas Present".

    "Goodbye, Sekai" (「さよなら世界」, Sayonara Sekai?)
    In this ending, Makoto has sex with various girls almost every day. It is therefore inderterminate as to who is next after who.

    [edit] Variation

    "Watermelon (PS2 Ver.)" ( 「西瓜」 , Suika?)
    A post-fin episode to the endings "Carnal Desire" and "Bavarois", appears only on a certain condition. The episode was named "Watermelon" in the PS2 version; the episode does not have a title in the PC version. Makoto is at home with his mother eating a slice watermelon, which he promptly spits when he receives a picture and letter from Setsuna from France, showing her standing in front of the Arc de Triomphe. She writes: I will be giving birth in Japan, so I'll return around the time when you get this letter. Please think of a name. Setsuna. "[7]. The doorbell rings and Makoto's chosen lover (Kotonoha if the ending is "Carnal Desire", or Sekai if the ending is "Bavarois") comes in, introducing Setsuna to Makoto's mother as Makoto's former classmate if Kotonoha is chosen, or as being her childhood friend if Sekai is chosen. Setsuna promptly introduces herself, "I'm the wife," holding up her pregnancy inoculations booklet and a victory sign.



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