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    Default Wife physically roughs up husband on tonight's episode of Life OK's Savdhan India

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    When you hear the term ‘domestic violence’, you immediately conjure a picture of a husband battering his wife. What if you heard, that a wife was beating her husband instead? Your immediate reaction would be of disbelief. Or you may laugh and joke about it thinking that a husband who is physically abused by his wife is a sissy.

    If a wife is beaten by her husband; NGO workers will quickly jump to her rescue. Journalists may write stories which make headlines in leading dailies and the husband may be imprisoned.

    When we talk of gender equality, feminist groups are of the opinion that women are oppressed. However aren’t men subject to gender discrimination too at times?

    Tonight’s Savdhan India - India Fights Back (Sa Re Ga Ma India Ltd) is about a man who was physically battered by his wife. Sachin Mohite, Head of Sa Re Ga Ma India Ltd, informed us, “When the husband would go to the police with the complaint of domestic violence, he would be laughed at and mocked. Fortunately, he came across a group which was formed by men who had gone through similar ordeals. The reason as to why he didn’t hit her back was because he felt that if he did his wife would walk into the police station and avail of IPC Section 498A to persecute him. Also many men tolerate this kind of cruelty from the wife silently as they choose not to speak up as they feel it will be a big blow to their male ego.”

    On the show, a gentleman who was a victim of domestic abuse afflicted by his wife will come on screen to narrate his plight. This eye opening episode will surely encourage men to seek justice if tortured by their wives. It will also alert women not to be physically violent to their husbands, for if they do they may also be put behind the bars.



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